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November 05, 2013

Yellow Leopard Print Nails - Butter London

It may be wintery outside but on my nails it's spring....that's the song (well my version of the song) that keeps popping into my head every time I look down at my nails.

Those of you that follow me on Instagram will know that on Saturday I was at a beauty and makeup event by the very talent hairstyist Dionne Smith and makeup artist Joy Adenuga 

The event was so much fun and it ended with a marriage proposal to Dionne on stage as well as a performance by the CEO dancers from Britain't Got Talent - you can watch my mini video's on  Instagram where I captured the moment.

They also had a nail company there called Colour Riot Nails who were giving out complimentary manicures and my gorgeous bright nails are courtesy of them. 

It's funny, I usually tend to move towards darker colours in the Autumn and Winter but there is something about my bright nails that keeps making me smile every time I look at them, so I will definitely be introducing a few lighter shades into my winter nail rotation.

If you would like to know how they achieved these nails, here are the details

  1. Step 1: Apply a base coat - she used Opi Natural Nail
  2. Step 2: Apply two coats of Butter London in Jasper
  3. Step 3: On your fourth finger, using a small piece of foam dab a little bit of an orange polish onto the top of your nail to create a gradient effect (sorry I missed the name of the orange polish)
  4. Step 4: Apply little dots of blue and burgundy to your fourth finger making sure you space them out - she used Queen Vic and Poole again from Butter London
  5. Step 5: Using a nail art pen in black, draw three little dots around each of the blue and burgundy dots to create a bit of a leopard print effect.
  6. Step 6: Finish off with a top coat - she used Seche Vite

And that was it. I have never tried doing nail art before but watching her it was actually pretty easy and I will definitely be trying it out.

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