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October 28, 2013

Motivational Monday: This Storm Shall Pass

Happy New Week my LPM Beauties,

I had a completely different post already written up for todays motivational Monday post but I was so inspired at about 5am this morning (or rather at 7am) at 5am I was actually a little scared... that I decided to write a whole new post.

For anyone in the UK, you will know that the weather reports have been regaling us with reports of a storm coming (to be honest I didn’t take it very seriously, I kind of thought they were exaggerating) Well, I stand corrected as I was woken up this morning at about 5am to what could only be described as gale force winds!  

The wind was so loud and powerful that it did the following:

1) It blew some debris onto a car which then set off it's alarm  (and clearly the owner was a sound sleeper) because that alarm was going strong for at least an hour

2) A few dogs decided that since they couldn't beat it the next best thing to do was to howl along with the wind 

3) One of the street signs next to my bedroom window broke off half it's hinges and spent the next hour or so smacking violently onto my window, which was already shaking so violently that I was convinced it was going to shatter...

All this was combined with the fact that Mr LPM is currently away, so all I could do was utter a terrified prayer and hide under my duvet for the next hour and a half listening to the shaking window, non stop alarm, howling dogs and wind. I finally dozed off again at about 6.30am and then woke up groggily to my alarm at 7am.

The first thing I noticed was that it was now completely quiet, I nervously wandered over to the window to look outside expecting it to look like a scene from the beginning of the wizard of OZ and guess what? It was extremely calm and not only that but we also had bright blue skies...

That's when it hit me, sometimes things can look and sound like such a mess and we can feel completely terrified of things breaking all around us but you know what? 

Regardless of what you are going through, hold your head up high and your anchor strong for: This Storm too shall Pass. 

Have a fantastic week guys.... was anyone else terrified of the storm this morning or was I the only one being a bit of a wimp?


 Monday Motivational posts are posted every other Monday.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for this post, it came at a time when I needed it. I have been a bit under the weather both health wise and emotion wise and when I woke up and saw the storm, my first impression was, 'not another thing to annoy me!' But its great that there was/is a lesson to it. Thanks!

lotionspotionsandme said...

Aww so glad it helped. Hope you are feeling better? xx

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