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July 11, 2014

The Review: Sisley Eau Tropicale Perfume

I love the smell of rain on a hot summers day or rather the smell before it rains and/or just afterwards. It’s a strong combination of both sweet and fresh and always makes me want to take in big, huge breathes

So when I read about Sisleys Eau Tropicale perfume that launched earlier this year, I was intrigued.

Described as

“A fragrance reminiscent of the intriguing, sultry and perfumed atmosphere that prevails after a tropical rainstorm. 

A delightful escape to the heart of a far-flung, mysterious land filled with the song of colourful birds, delicious fruits and exotic flower accords.”

It has fast become my new signature summer scent.

The fragrance opens with exotic floral blends of hibiscus, passion flower and frangipani and spicy hints of ginger and bergamot. At its heart are tuberose, Turkish rose and violet. And the base notes include the sensual warm smell of cedar, patchouli and ambrette seed.

It’s quite a complex perfume to describe, the first notes that hit you are quite strong and peppery almost, I believe that is the Ginger and Bergamot and then it mellows into a warm, sweeter scent that seems to melt and wrap around your skin.

It’s a bit of an unusual scent, but in a good way. I find that Eau Tropicale is a fragrance that wears really nicely on my skin as time goes on, and it also has a warm exotic scent to it that I really like

My only issue is with its staying power; I find that after about 5 hours, although you can still smell it, it’s not as strong as it could be. Which can be the case with perfumes as the warmth of skin can make a fragrance evaporate faster.

A couple of tricks I have learnt to extend the staying power of a fragrance and which I sometimes apply when wearing this perfume and some of my other delicate perfumes, is to 
  1. Spray it onto my hair and clothes; this really helps to amplify its fragrance, as fabrics and hair are able to trap the smell for longer. (I wouldn’t advice spraying it on delicate fabrics though such as silk as it could discolour the fabric)
  2. Spray some of the perfume into my body moisturiser, this really helps to layer and build up the staying power of the perfume to all day 

The floral notes are the perfect complement to a warm summers day and although it’s a grey and miserable day today. I find that the smell is the perfect antidote to the London grey, it’s blend of Hibiscus, Passionflower and Frangipani smells just like a warm morning in a botanical garden, a perfect dream on a rainy day.

The 50ml retails for £63.50 and is available online from Sisley Paris as well as department stores nationwide

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