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July 09, 2014

June Favourites

I can’t believe it’s already July! Where on earth did June go? A little late but these were my favourite products during the month of June

 Paul & Joe Nail Polish 12 I have been trying to veer away from my usual corals and reds and Paul & Joe  nail varnish in number 12 is such a pretty shade of minty green/blue. It's a lovely summery shade and has been a great addition to my summer wardrobe. You can see a picture of me wearing it on my Instagram.  Available at Asos. Retails for £12.00

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil This serum has been a life saver for my hair extensions. It stops it getting frizzy, provides a beautiful shine and tames any random fly away strands. I love using it after I have just washed my hair, when it's in a semi wet state and just before blowdrying. It really helps to smooth the hair and give it that I just had my hair done at the salon look.  Available at Boots. Retails for £6.99

Mally Volumising Mascara I actually took this mascara with me on holiday and I really really like how it performs. It's volumisjng, separates your lashes and doesn't clump together. It builds really nicely and two or three coats give my lashes that extra lash factor. It also stays put through out the day and doesn’t leave you with any streaks or smudges. Available at QVC. Retails for £17.50

Danger Cosmetics To Go is the story of the company that came before Lush. It invites you to go behind the scenes to discover how their story began, sharing their inspiration, their thinking and their passion. With accounts from the founders of Lush, it takes you on a journey  with insights on how some of their iconic products such as their Shampoo Bar and Bath Bombs came to be.

It is such a fascinating and inspiring read, especially as it chronicles their highs and lows, their success and unfortunate loss of the business. It truly draws you into their story and you can’t help but completely empathise when the business goes down.

What I really loved was that it was also a story of hope and encouragement, to take a risk and chase after your dreams no matter what. This quote at the end summed it all up and is what I believe led to them building Lush afterwards “ it reminds her how even a traumatic ending can lead to new adventures and beginnings” Available at Lush. Retails for £19.95

Better You Magnesium Oil Original Spray So not technically a beauty product but I just had to add it to my list of favourites because this oil has been nothing short of amazing. Magnesium is a mineral that is vital for our health and wellbeing and it is estimated that approximately 75% of people don’t consume the recommended amount each day, but it is needed for over 350 biochemical reactions in the body.

It helps your body absorb calcium and promote joint and muscle health. It also assists in building the natural of your skin  and helps you relax to get a good night of (beauty) sleep, which means you wake up looking and feeling completely rested the next day, so really it aids your overall beauty needs! Available online at Better You, Boots and Holland and Barratt. Retails for £12.20


PatentPurpleLife said...

That Paul and Joe colour is amazing on you - will have to add the Mally mascara to my wishlist!

Segun Garuba said...

Thanks Jo :-) yeah you should, will try and take a before and after picture and post it on instagram. x

Ginikachi Eloka said...

Yeeees! such a beautiful color. LOVE IT

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