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July 08, 2012

Nail of the day (Notd) - Kiko Vermillion Red and Blueberry Glitter

Hey LPM lovelies, hope you've had a lovely weekend so far....

Mr LPM was away this weekend, so what did that mean?...it meant a girly weekend vegging out, walking around with scary white facemasks, watching catch up drop dead diva and eating haagen daz cookies and cream ice cream...yummm .....hmmm must get back onto those salads this week.

Continuing on from my last post about Kiko, I thought I would get painting so you guys could see what the colours look like . 

The first one is like a deep hot pink with A LOT of Glitter, which unfortunately is why I'm not so keen on it. It looked lovely in the bottle but just has way too much glitter for me. It's called Blueberry Glitter (I know, I know, it should have been a dead give away with the name) and is number 277. The second one is such a lovely red shade called Vermillion Red and is number 239. I love this shade, it's much brighter than it looks in the picture and is so pretty on.
The colours went on very easily and I got my desired look with just a couple of coats. Now wait for it, they retail for only £2.50!! talk about a bargain.....
p.s  this is my first attempt at taking pictures ....hope they are  ok :-) 
p.s.s does anyone know how I can get rid of these annoying spaces in my text on blogger?!!!
Blueberry Glitter

Vermillion Red



bolanle said...

Love both. Think following ur blog will make me more girly! Much needed improvement!

lotionspotionsandme said...

Thanks Bolanle :-)

I have to admit that writing my blog helps me stay in girly mode

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