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July 29, 2012

Love Hair Online – Virgin Brazilian Hair Review 2 months

I am currently transitioning and haven’t relaxed my hair in about a year eeek!!! …more about that in a future natural hair post.,…. To be honest I haven’t quite figured out what to do with it yet, so for the last year I have mainly had my hair in a variation of extention type protective styles, be it braids, twists, weaves etc…So about two months ago I decided to install a weave using virgin brazilian hair and this is my personal experience and review.

I bought the brazilian hair from Love Hair Online and actually went into their office as I wanted to see the hair before I bought it, however you can also buy the hair directly from the website. I bought 4 packs of hair in three 18 inches, one 14 inch and a 12 inch top closure.

The Bad

When I went into their office, I was told that they had recently had a huge sale so unfortunately didn’t have too many options of hair for me to pick from. Additionally I noticed that some of the packs had quite a few of those annoying white strands of hair.

I bought a closure to use in the front as I really didn’t feel like leaving my hair out and for some reason whenever I curled my hair I found that the curls in the closure hair just didn’t last as long. Also I didn’t really like the texture of the closure hair after a few weeks as it felt a little rough.

The biggest negative for me is that the hair sheds quite a bit, it’s almost like it’s trying to get off the weft as quickly as possibly!!! especially when I comb/brush it or run my fingers through it…this is very annoying as two months into it you can see that it’s not as full as it used to be. If you are someone who likes a very full head of hair then you will definitely need more packs to balance out the shedding

The Good

Now onto the positives, I have to say that this brand is one of the most competitively priced virgin brazilian brands that I have found. They are actually a wholesale company but sell their hair to the public and regularly have a “mega sale day” where they offer the hair for even cheaper….be warned though the queue to buy the hair on those days is meant to be ridiculously long but as a friend mentioned “worth it”

I had originally planned to attend a mega sale day but they changed the date at the last minute. I still went down on that day as I was traveling shortly afterwards so couldn’t make it to the next date. To the brands credit they gave me a 10% discount as an apology which I thought was great customer service.

Finally aside from the shedding the hair had very minimal tangling and 2 months on it still looks great. Additionally the texture of the actual weave was quite nice

Maintenance and pictures

To maintain my hair at night I either put it into two bantu knots or a couple of plaits. Here are a few pictures of the hair, I simply took it out of a couple of plaits (I was going for a boho look) and bare in mind that its two months old so my regrowth in the front is quite shameful J - lol, don’t judge me guys J it’s coming out very soon.

The hair retails from £40 for a 12 inch to £110 for 32 inch and my top closure cost £60, check out their site for more information http://www.lovehaironline.com/

The hair before I used it - this is just some leftover hair so you can see what it looks like 

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Brazilian Hair Extensions said...

Thanks for sharing a very good review.

lotionspotionsandme said...

Thank you :-)

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