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February 21, 2010

Pride comes before the flu! Cough, Sniff, Croak

Hey lovelies

I am so so sorry about going awol last week, but I have a good reason…. I have been ill and still am. You see, first up I got a stomach bug and now I have the flu! sob, sniff and cough! I tried pushing through it for a couple of days and that only made it worse – which is why I am now under strict bed and rest orders…..

The reason for the title is that only a couple of weeks ago I was happily boasting that I had missed out on the whole flu bug this winter and then what happens – I get it!!! Seriously pride comes before the flu…..

Positives from not feeling too great are

1) I get to lounge around in my favouritest (yes I know its not a word but my head is fuzzy so I think I'm allowed) Gap jumper that is like 5 years old and watch TV all day, without feeling guilty and thinking “hmmm, I should really be doing something more productive shouldn’t I?”
2) I sound like a bullfrog on crack when I speak – but Mr Lotions & Potions has convinced me that my voice actually sounds quite sexy – so I’m attempting to use my new found husky voice to convince him that ice cream would actually be quite beneficial right now
3) Everyone is being so sympathetic and making a fuss…yay!!

On a completely different topic – do you remember my styling post a little while ago? Check it out here meet me the stylist Well an online magazine has only gone and featured it! and one of the images is on the front cover! I feel so chuffed!!!! Check it out at remedymag and see pages 42-47 under the title Cirque de Minuit, also check out pages 48-49, it’s a feature on Mr Lotions & Potions himself and his photography….I feel so proud.

I promise to write again as soon as I feel much better.


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