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February 24, 2010

#74 Inlight Organic Skin Care Review

I was recently sent some skincare products from Inlight Organic Skincare which I have been using for the last month or so to see how they work. The skincare line was developed by Dr Mariano Spiezia a medical doctor, homeopath and herbalist with over 30 years of scientific research to his name. The brand is certified by the Soil Association and is 100% organic and wholly plant based.

First up is the Inlight Organic Face Cleanser which they describe as a deep skin cleanser with a mild exfoliant action which removes the outer layer of dirt and dead cells.
I was quite keen to try it as I have discovered I have a new love for oil based cleansers especially at night time when I feel like I have some spare time and really want to remove all my makeup and give my based a good massage. It looks like a cross between a balm/oil and is packed full of highly nourishing oils such as Coconut, Jojoba, Evening Primrose, Shea Butter and Olive oil as well as a particular blend of essentially oils such as lemon, green tea, ginger and lavender. I found that it deeply cleansed my face but unlike some other deep cleansers I have used in the past it didn’t leave it feeling dry or irritated. A good thing to note with this cleanser is that unlike a lot of other oil cleansers it doesn’t emulsify with water so after you have massaged it into your skin you need to remove it either using a muslin cloth or damp cotton wool. I initially wasn’t too pleased that it didn’t emulsify but after a few days I found that my skin seemed to prefer this method, It might just be that it loves the extra layer of nourishment that it leaves behind. Another thing I found is that because of some of the essential oils that it contains, I think it’s slightly more astringent than other oil cleansers I have used in the past, but I really liked this about it, as it worked perfectly for my combination skin leaving it feeling moisturised but clean. It retails at £24

I also tried out the Floral Face Tonic which is a blend of fragrant floral waters such as rose, lavender, grapefruit and chamomile. It has a very interesting smell and to me it smells more herbal than floral but I love that it is alcohol free and it helped to freshen and tone my skin without drying it out. It retails at £18

For further information or to purchase any products check out their website at www.inlight-online.co.uk

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