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February 15, 2010

#72 Bag Spy: What's in your bag? Zara from Kiss And Makeup

Today’s bag spy comes courtesy of the lovely Zara from KissandMakeup.tv kissandmakeuptv , I met her at the NARS press event and we just clicked and immediately got chatting about beauty products et al. After Zara had suggested a number of fantastic tips and products for me to try out, I just knew I had to get her to share a bag spy…

Bag Spy: Zara Rabinowicz from Kiss And Makeup

Hi, I’m Zara from KissandMakeup.tv and I’m excited to be sharing the contents of my makeup bag with you. I’ve been involved in beauty ever since I was a little girl, smearing pieces of paper with kisses from 17 lippies to pinpoint my favourite shades. I’ve worked on various magazines, websites and papers in all sorts of fields, but beauty has been my one recurring love. Whether it has been finding the perfect lip balm to combat chapped lips, or the latest facial that plumps and refines lines, I’m at the forefront of testing and trialling and enjoying every minute. I love working online as feedback is so immediate and I find that having people respond to your work is the best way to refine and improve it, as well as sharing details and getting tips on news products. It’s hard to narrow down what are the most essential products in my makeup bag as I try so many things on a daily basis, but the below ten are the most recent staples that I couldn’t live without.

1. Givenchy Phenomen’eyes

This mascara has been a total godsend to me, as it separates and defines my lashes like nothing I've ever seen. Once you overcome your initial distrust of the oddly shaped brush, you'll find it a product you never leave the house without. They’ve just released details of a plum waterproof version for summer, and that’s next on my must-have list!

2. MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Petting Pink

I get really dry chapped lips, and though I love using lip balm, sometimes I want something with little bit more colour. This lip conditioner from MAC is the loveliest shades of baby pink and gives you a really rosy looking glow. The texture sinks onto the lips, giving them soft sheer coverage and it really softens your wind battered pout. My Hello Kitty version never fails to get admiring looks either- they should bring this colour back permanently!

3. Clinique Dewy Smooth Anti-Aging foundation.

The idea of anti-aging foundation is something I was originally resistant too, as I feel that your skincare rather than your cosmetics should be the ones targeting lines. However the simply amazing, Photoshop like coverage speaks for itself as it smooth’s out the whole complexion, flattering you face from every angle and evening out any lines or blemishes. It makes you look absolutely amazing in photos and the dewy finish is flattering for everyone, regardless of their age

4. Stargazer Liquid Eyeliner

Stargazer is a brand I use to associate with goth-like wanders around Camden market, but though they retain their youthful associations with an array of ultra-bright and pigmented colours, they have moved onto slightly more impressive formulations. I’m currently loving their eyeliner as it provides a firm black line that can be fine-tuned or thickened as needed allowing me to create both feline flicks and Winehouse style eyes with ease. It dries extremely quickly and is really long lasting- a cult must have!

5. Collection 2000 Illuminating Concealer

Collection 2000 nowadays can be considered a premium brand with a surprisingly low price point. This creamy concealer works just as well as Touché Éclat, easily hiding circles and bags with a simple flick of the pen. The creamy consistency blends extremely easily and it’s magical on circles.

6. The Beauty Blender (get it at cult beauty)

This egg shaped pink tool has revolutionizes the way I apply my foundation as I’d generally choose this above both brushes and fingers. If you use a stippling effect when you apply this to the skin you get a really even finish with your makeup and the design means it’s extremely kind to your product, making sure you don’t use more than necessary.

7. Clarisonic

Whilst strictly not a cosmetic this skin cleaning brush device provides the skin with such a smooth texture and clean surface that it can almost be considered a makeup tool. Originally a sceptic about this product, once I’d used it for over a month I was converted as I never go a day without using this brush. Compatible with all cleansers and exfoliators the sonic powered device whizzes away grime and dirt and leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean- a great base for all products.

8. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

5 shimmering shades provide you with a great all over glow, and they can be used individual as eyeshadows as well. The palette is flattering on any skintone, and incredibly long lasting, as I’ve had mine for over three years (probably time for a new one). It’s a great way to create a subtle glow on the hairline and cheeks and the shimmery nature of the powders mean that you can really make your cheekbones pop. It has a nicely sized mirror as well, so it’s great for touching up on the go.

9. L’occitane hand cream

L’occitane hand creams are ultra-rich due to having 20% Shea butter in their formulation and they sink in really quickly. I love the fragrance of the limited edition honey and lemon version (out every Christmas and think the fact they’re handbag sized is a major plus point.

10. Urban Decay eyeshadows

I love the texture and pigmentation of Urban Decay shadows, as they can be used as sheer washes or built up for a stronger look. They’re extremely long lasting and they manage to combine glitter with shine without flaking all over your cheeks. My favourite colours would be Polyester Bride (a great white, fab as a brow bone highlighter) and Midnight Cowboy (a universally flattering brown shimmer). They feel really silky on the eyelids and make the eyes sparkle.

See, I told you she was fab didn't I? Drop by her blog for more tips and info ...I'm already eyeing the beauty blender and the clarisonic .....Thank you so much for taking part Zara.

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