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January 27, 2010

#66 Tagged 10 Products I'd like to try in 2010

So after seeing this tag over on Yinka’s blog vexinthecity I thought it was a fantastic idea, and here is my tag post on 10 products I would like to try this year.

Touché Eclat
I have heard so many fantastic reviews about this product but for some reason I just haven’t gotten round to trying it out. My eyes have recently started sporting a few shadows so this is a need to get

Revlon ColorStay Foundation in Caramel or Cappuccino (if I ever get to try them)
Ok, now this one is not from lack of trying!!! But for some reason every time I go into any Boots or Superdrug they only seem to have Mocha as the WOC shade. It’s starting to get annoying and I’m almost convinced there is some kind of conspiracy plot going on. If anyone knows where I can find these shades in London please let me know

Nars Gina & Orgasm Blush
I’m a bit of a blusher virgin and this is the year I want to change this. I am liking these two blushes with the pink, peach and orange tones, I think they are just soooo pretty!!!

I know, I know – How have I not tried anything from this brand? Described as being colour-intense, colour-true and long lasting, I’m planning to try it out this year.

Becca Foundation
Again, have heard so much about this brand but never tried it

I recently heard about this on Yinka’s blog (check out the link above), did some research and now I’m definitely ooogling after it. My hair is quite long but it has fine strands, so this sounds like it will give it a major boost. I’m slightly nervous about the horse references though, and keep wondering if I might develop some neighing tendencies afterwards (lol) thankfully Yinka is trying it out first so I’m keeping my eye on how it goes for her.
Espa Gentle Deep Cleansing Balm
I love oil cleansers, especially at night as they always make me stop, breathe and give my face a proper cleanse. It must be all those deep and therapeutic oils that send subliminal messages to my brain! This one is meant to deeply cleanse and decongest the skin using pure plant extracts, natural emollients and essential oils of rose damascena, soothing spearmint and balancing geranium. I can already feel the daily stress melting away

Darphin Purifying Balm
For the last couple of months, I have been getting some pre time of the month breakouts and seeing as my skin tends to scar quite easily, I need to find something that will help without resorting to acne specific products which always dry out my skin really badly, and then leave me dealing with dry dehydrated skin afterwards. So with claims of purifying and unclogging blocked pores as well as healing breakouts, this is a product I definitely want to try.

Nude lip liner, lipstick, gloss – anything!!!!
Ok, not technically a specific product –but I would really like to find a nice nude lip that works for me. I have quite dark lips so sometimes shades seem to get a little lost or just disappear entirely but this year I am determined to find a lip product that (a) looks good on me and (b) shows up. Any ideas please let me know
Well that’s it …(for now, knowing me ) – does anyone have anything that they would really like to try out this year?

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