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January 29, 2010

That Friday Feeling: GLEE

I've got a feeling ...ooohh, that today's that Friday Feeling (lol - cheesy i know :o) but it will make sense as you read the post, I was getting into character.

So today marks the beginning of a new section called That Friday Feeling! Which essentially translates to me talking about anything and everything that takes my fancy…hmmm maybe I should have gone with fanciful Fridays as the title?

So today’s Friday Feeling post is ….wait for it and drum-roll please….. GLEE!!! Seeing as the show is a musical comedy, I decided I was allowed to have a dramatic introduction.
If you have not seen the show, emmm where have you been? A phenomenon in the US, “Glee follows an optimistic secondary school teacher as he attempts to inspire an oddball group of students to realise their star potential and restore the school's show choir - the glee club - to its former glory”

Now personally I have always been a bit partial to sing alongs/musicals – oldies like Sound Of Music, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Calamity Jane and My Fair Lady were firm favourites whilst growing up and more recently it took all the strength I possessed not burst into song at the cinema whilst watching Mamma Mia. So Glee fits in perfectly.

The characters and storylines are hilarious but what I also really love is the fact that behind the songs, dancing and some you have got to be kidding me storylines – they are also dealing with a number of real issues that people are facing today.

My favourite characters have to be

1) Kurt - the soprano fashionista who is trying to figure out how to be true to himself
2) Mercedes – with that amazing voice
3) Rachel – ok, can anyone say a diva is a female version of a hustler? – If she didn’t have such a fantastic voice or such major issues, then she would be annoying! But I feel sorry for her and have to admire her determination to succeed, although that same trait does sometimes blind her outlook on things.
4) Sue – The scheming and ultra competitive cheerleading coach – she is just so bonkers that she always cracks me up - I could watch the show just to hear what she says next
5) Emma – The germaphobe with the great heart
6) Mr Schuester – Last but definitely not least as he is my favourite – with that cute blond curly afro and those dance moves – I wish he had been a teacher at my school!!

There you have it – here are a couple of clips from the first few episodes with Mr Schuester showing off those dance moves/Mercedes fantastic voice and Kurts own rendition to All the Single Ladies.

Does anyone else watch Glee? What do you think?

P.S for anyone who would like to watch it, it’s showing on E4 on Tuesday at 9pm with catch-up on Sundays.


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