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January 25, 2010

#65 Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Palette - Limited Edition

I’m sure this isn’t news to many of you – but I just had to share my little two cents of excitement! What do you get when you combine Tim Burton, Urban Decay and Alice in Wonderland? Well you get an absolutely gorgeous 16 colour palette that comprises Urban Decay's best sellers renamed in honour of Alice. The 3D pop up decoration depicts Alice's journey through the Mushroom Forest.

For anyone who already owns any Urban Decay shadows (I don’t), its good to know that they have just released a name check for you to match against the Alice inspired names – so you can make sure you are not duplicating some of what you already have.

Here are the shades

1) Underland – Flash
2) Alice – Painkiller
3) Oraculum – Baked
4) Queen – Last Call
5) Chessur – Chopper
6) White Rabbit – Polyester Bride
7) Wonderland – Maui Wowie
8) Curiouser – Grifter
9) Muchness – X
10) Mushroom – Mushroom
11) Midnight Tea Party – Midnight Cowboy Rides Again
12) Vorpal – S&M
13) Absolem – Homegrown
14) Drink Me. Eat Me – Sin
15) Mad Hatter – Twice Baked
16) Jabberwocky – Oil Slick

It retails at £28 and is launching in Debenhams and on the website on 1st of March. There are only 2000 palettes available throughout the UK so I envisage a major stampede for beauty lovers. Oh dear I better bring out the flats and the claws because, I Want and Need this!!! If Mr L&P is reading this and already planning to hide my cards – I need you to refer to my earlier note of not owning any of their shadows and more importantly it’s a collector’s item :-)



àsìkò said...

well well he did and you are busted

Imo said...

lol great post! my 21st is in March and i believe I deserve that palette plus i heart Alice in Wonderland!

lotionspotionsandme said...

@Imo, I agree - we both deserve that palette!!! ...i wish i could use my birthday as an excuse but it's not till june :O(

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