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July 30, 2009

#17 Herbal Green Peel Day 4

I’m quite excited I received a comment/question about my blog and about the green peel to be precise…..it means someone out there is reading, yay! I was going to respond to just the reader but realised it was a valid question that I tut tut should have written about in my first green peel post. The question was as follows

“Sounds very interesting but as it is a herbal rather than chemical peel - i assume that is why you have to go back twice? what exactly is in the peel - do you know? Pain and Beauty go hand in hand - one word - threading!Waiting for part deux and please follow up so that we know the true effects i.e how long does it last? when does the pain actually end? is it appropriate for black skin - although i suppose you, as the guinea pig, will be the best answer to that! That kind of thing.”

My answer: First of all thanks for the great question. I have to go back twice because the second treatment is essentially a follow up treatment a ‘Bacial’ Back Facial where all the old skin will be massaged off and thoroughly cleansed, steamed, scrubbed and massaged. The green peel contains a combination of herbs, vitamins, plant hormones, enzymes, algae and minerals. It is meant to be suitable for all skin types, black skin included (yes I am the perfect guinea pig) and can help the following conditions – oily acne prone skin, scarring, and sun damaged and wrinkled skin. As for the pain and results, I will definitely keep you posted on the results. Hope this helps …

Moving on to today’s diary post. The word lizard woman and scaly really springs to mind, I seem to be shedding skin like its going out of fashion. I have taken to walking around with a dust pan and brush – I have never been so pleased that my floors are wooden and hiding out at home (I almost refused to open the door to the postman!). Thankfully the itchiness has calmed down considerably but its still there like an annoying fly in the background. I simply can’t wait till this is over……

See you all tomorrow for part five of my diary and hopefully the last


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