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July 31, 2009

#18 Herbal Green Peel Day 5

Wow what a relief it’s finally over! My follow up treatment ‘bacial’ felt like a complete treat after the week I have been through and I literally ooohed with joy when I felt the wet sponge on my back. Was it worth it? It definitely was. The scars are not completely gone but my back is noticeably clearer, more refined and the scars are lighter. I will keep you all posted on the results and on if anything changes but for now it looks good.



Enitan .A. said...

Well done on the blog, Found it amusing!!
Be encouraged and keep up the writing.

Take care.

Josephine Falodun-ofutu said...

Very amusing and interesting. Can't wait for the final results.......many questions spring to mind.

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