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July 29, 2009

#16 Herbal Green Peel Day 3

I’m in major itchy mode today, well to be honest it’s been since last night really – seriously my back itches like mad! You know what its like when you get a weave, and it seems to go through that itchy phase so you have to pat your head gently rather than dig at your scalp, just in case people start thinking that you have lice! – Well intensify the feeling by about 100!!! I eventually called the salon this morning in a panic and was told it was nothing to worry about (apparently its actually good news!! because it means the herbs are stimulating my skin and encouraging new growth) I had to get Mr Lotions & Potions to pat my back with a book…thank God we are already married otherwise this might have scared him away. I also seem to be 2 shades darker and my skin has started to crack. I eventually take some nurofen and drink camomile tea and funnily enough this seems to help which is fine for now but I can’t help wondering what I have gotten myself into

See you all tomorrow for part four of my diary


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