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February 03, 2014

Motivational Monday: Bad Habits and the Hole in the Sidewalk

Happy Monday to you my lovely LotionPotioners, hope you all had a lovely weekend.

For the last week or so I have been thinking a lot about habits, particularly the habits that we do all the time and don't even think about. Some good (like waking up and brushing our teeth) some not so good (like me getting home and putting my keys in some random "safe place" which means I'm inevitably running around and looking for them just before I leave the house the next morning!

I recently came across a poem by Portia Nelson that talks about a hole in the sidewalk and how being creatures of habit we continue to fall into the same hole even after we become aware of the hole. 

When I read the poem I laughed and thought, that's so silly, who does that? and then had that moment of clarity where I realised, oh gosh that's me!!

In that moment of clarity I was able to see some of the things I do, that I keep repeating even though I know that I shouldn't and accept them as what they are....bad habits! 

One example is with me and spots, sadly since I got back from Belgium I have been breaking out quite a bit and they are the big angry adult type spots. So what do I do when  I get one of these spots? I go into serious attack mode which looking at the number of scars on my face is a battle I have been losing (sigh)...

So after reading the poem and becoming aware that I keep repeating the same action, I have decided to change tact and instead of focusing on the bad habit I'm trying to replace it with some good ones such as upping my omega 3's and looking at what is causing the breakouts/ways to reduce the inflammation - more of that in a future post.

I'm not there yet but it's been one week and I've stopped attacking my spots....I think it all starts with becoming aware of the bad habit and then making a conscious effort to change it. 

Now for the fun bit....

Take 5 minutes today to think about something you keep doing over and over again that isn't good for you, and which you would like to change.

Then leave a comment below letting us know what habit you are gong to consciously work on this week. Remember that by being open and sharing, you put it out there which means you are likely to do what you say and it means we can all support your change.

Have a fantastic week.. xxx

Motivational Monday posts are posted every other Monday.

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NoScrunchie said...

My best post so far. I need to print this out and put it next to my desk, the fridge, the door and any other places where I repeat my odd habits.

Segun Garuba said...

So glad you enjoyed it. Hope you printed it out and it's serving as a prompt and reminder. x

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