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January 22, 2014

The Review: Origins Ginzing Mascara with Before and After pictures

My new favourite mascara is the Origins GinZing Brightening Mascara

On first opening up the mascara I have to admit that I was a little nervous, the brush is to put it mildly HUGE! and the bristles looked a little spikey, but  I'm glad to say that it applies really easily and doesn't tug or pull

Now I would describe my lashes as being somewhere in the middle, they are not tiny but sadly they are not luscious and long either. So the thing I love the most about this mascara is that it really does live up to its description to lengthen, volumise and lift and it does this without clumping or looking gloopy. 

It's a lovely true black and is also really buildable (I am wearing two coats in the image above  but have also worn three coats which adds an extra oomph to my lashes).

There was only one downside for me, which is that because of the size of the brush, I struggle a little bit when I use it on my bottom lashes, but with a little bit of manoeuvring and patience it always works out.

The formula also lasts all day and I found that it didn't smudge and was thankfully quite resistant to any accidental eye rubbing!

All in all a great mascara and it will definitely be in my favourites of the month list. It retails for £17 and is available both online and at Orgins Beauty Counters

Have any of you tried any Origins Makeup? (this was my first time trying any of their makeup) What did you try and what did you think?



brownbeauty said...

We have never tried Origins make up but we love our mascara. We have used a lot of different mascaras of a wide variety of quality and it is disappointing when you get a mascara with a wonderful formula but an awful brush that is too big or too harsh. What we did is buy a mascara brush that we like and use that brush to apply different mascaras. Magic. Great post by the way.

Segun Garuba said...

Thanks :-) although the brush is quite big it was surprisingly easy to use in the end.

What mascara brush did you end up buying that you like to use? x

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