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October 14, 2013

Motivational Monday: The Gift of Choice

For the last couple of months, I have been making some changes in my life and have become more focused with following my dreams.

However, I’m still in those early stages and whilst some things have been working out well, a few other things haven’t quite gone to plan or have been happening a little more slowly than I would like.

Which is how I found myself feeling frustrated and filled with doubts over the last few days. This then turned into me feeling sorry for myself and being completely grumpy to everyone around me (sorry guys, you know I love you really).

Then after hearing a message yesterday and taking some time out to pray, I realised something big. The gift of choice. It’s such a simple word but the choices that we make have a big impact on our lives and on how we feel.

Most times it’s so easy to let what is going on around us affect how we feel and act.  Also, if we are a little bit honest, it actually makes our lives easier because it takes the onus off us and it stops us from having to take responsibility for our actions and words (we can just blame it on the circumstances). However it’s important to realise that we always, always have a choice on how we choose to feel and see our circumstances.

So today I make a choice

1)   I choose to have faith
2)   I choose to be thankful
3)   I choose to believe that everything is working out for my good
4)   I choose to look up and not down
5)   I choose to focus on the positive
6)   I choose to find solutions and not problems
7)   I choose to have joy as I go through the current changes – knowing that it will be well in the end

So my question for you is this? Today, what choice are you making? Let me know in the comments below

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