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October 09, 2013

How to achieve the Braided Look: Autumn Winter Trend 2013

I have recently been looking at all the autumn winter trends, and one of the beauty/hair trends I have fallen in love with, is the braided look.

Here is a video showing the braid trend at some of the fashion shows.

A brand that pulled off this look beautifully was Mizani UK, at the African Fashion Week event that took place in August.

Mizani Hairstyle African Fashion Week 2013

Mizani were the official hair sponsors for the event and as soon as I saw the models I knew I would be attempting to recreate the beautiful hairstyle. Pretty and easy, it would also act as a fantastic protective style to protect the ends of your hair during the cold months.

They produced a statement sweeping braid, sweeping it from a low side part all the way around and gradually making the braid bigger in size.

I think it could easily be achieved  either by just braiding your own natural hair or by adding in hair extensions as you braid. The steps I would follow to achieve the look would be:

1)  Part your hair down one side to create a crown.

2)  Taking the larger side of hair - start braiding it from the top of the parting, sweeping the braid all across your forehead and side until you reach the nape of your neck

3)  Braid the smaller side of the hair into a smaller braid down to the nape of your neck

4)  Finally combine both braids together into one braid and create a low side bun

Here is a video from Mizani that shows the look in more detail.

What did you think of the look? Will you be attempting to recreate it or are there any other hair trends you will be following this autumn/winter.

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