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April 02, 2013

Strengthening my Nails & Bloglovin

My nails have been terrible recently, they keep breaking and chipping and as for my cuticles well… you get the picture!

I was at the vitality show last weekend and popped over to the Sally Hansen stand just to see if they had anything that could help, and they had a pack called weak nails which sounded perfect for my current nails condition. It contains the following

Sally Hansen Weak Nails Pack
  • Maximum Strength - which is a pale pink nail strengthener – their official description is that is a cellulose fiber formula which forms a micro mesh barrier  (my description was a little easier right) that supports and protects the nails, ultimately making them stronger and more resistant to change. I am meant to apply it to my nails very other day and should have stronger nails in one week. 
  • Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil - which is meant to condition my cuticles and moisturize my dry nails.  I am meant to apply this every night
  • It also contained a lovely colour in a peachy/pink shade called Get Juiced, which will be perfect for spring/summer.

I have only been using it for a few days and so far so good, but I will keep you posted on if it helps. 

Let me know if you guys have any tips on a good nail product for strengthening the nails.

In other news

I have recently been dumped!! Cue sobbing and ice cream eating. Yes guys! My wild love affair with Google Reader is now over as come July 1st, Google have decided to shut down Google Reader.  For anyone who is new to Readers, if you follow a number of blogs, readers help by collating all the blogs you follow in just one place making it so much easier to read and follow the blogs that you love.

If you are feeling a little sorry for me, don’t worry you don’t need to offer me big hugs or more ice cream as I have just found my rebound guy and he is even hotter! Cue in Bloglovin. Yes guys I am moving on to a new reader and would really appreciate if you could check me out and follow me on there. Here is my Link

You can also follow me on some of my other social mediums:

Oh, and I was lying about the ice cream – definitely send some of that my way.

1 comment:

Tanaka said...

I love Sally Hansen products - I used their nail cream & hard as nails polish for years & it really does work!

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