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November 30, 2009

#53 A Beauty Sales Assistant Fights Back!

So you guys might remember my recent rant on the general rudeness and unhelpfulness of beauty Sales Assistants? Well it seems one assistant has decided to fight back…..Meet Juliet from the ReVive Counter at Liberty.

It all started on another one of my beauty exploring days, I found an unmanned counter which following my last beauty shopping experience, I was obviously beyond ecstatic that there was no one there and was happily applying and fiddling away with the various Lotions and Potions on display. Next thing I hear a voice saying “Hello can I help” – if I’m being honest I think I actually groaned out loud (yes rude I know but I couldn’t help it) while frantically thinking “Aargh it’s a sales assistant – quick scan the room for exits you need to escape” unfortunately I couldn’t seem to find the immediate exit and what can I say good manners prevailed so I turned round and said yes please! I was just looking at these products because I have heard so much about them etc….. to which she asks me what my skin care concerns are and I list the usual. She then replies with “well I can’t really help you with this brand as this isn’t my counter but we have some fantastic products at ReVive that I think would be perfect for your concerns”

Ha!!!! I think - I should have known it was all a ploy to lead me over to your counter and try to sell me your brand – at this point I have already more or less decided to add her to my Sales Assistant’s Black List.

Anyway fast forward about 20 minutes and all I can say is wow! Juliet is so lovely and genuine – asking general questions about me as well as telling me about herself so much so that I feel like I have made a new friend! She simply tells me about the brand and what products she thinks would help as well as providing advice on other products outside of the brand that she thinks are great - even going as far as to speak to another counter where she offers up her sample pot so they can give me a sample of a body moisturiser that she thinks is amazing for me to try. She is helpful and informative without being at all salesy or pushy and she sends me off with a huge amount of samples to use believing that the brand will sell itself and its better for me to try and be happy before I buy. What can I say I am more than impressed and she has won me over hands down.

On the subject of the ReVive Skincare brand, which is huge in the States, I think it sounds promising and it has received rave reviews. The skincare line is based on one principle. Your skin regenerates itself every two to three weeks when you are in your 20s, but as we age, that regeneration slows to every eight or nine weeks. Dead skin cells gather on the surface and skin looks dull and worn out. So Dr. Greg Brown the founder of the brand designed ReVive products to speed up skin-cell regeneration. ReVive has recreated a molecule called EGF, or epidermal growth factor, which is produced by your body to regenerate skin cells. Using EGF, ReVive is meant to help your body naturally produce these proteins on a faster level.

Sounds pretty good but I don’t think my current budget will stretch to buying anything from the range just yet as it’s quite pricey. Has anyone tried anything from Revive? If so what did you think?

P.S Thanks Juliet for being so amazingly helpful and restoring some of my faith in Beauty Sales Assistants.


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