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November 26, 2009

#52 Meet Me the Fashion Stylist!

I have always harboured a secret desire to be a stylist and to be able to style people and outfits. I remember being quite religious about dressing up as a child and ensuring that my dolls looked just as hot as I did… Ok I will even confess to dressing up my dog who was called Elmo and was male btw…in my defence I was about 6 and thought Elmo must be feeling both sad and frustrated at not being able to wear any clothes (To say my mum was upset was an understatement although I think she was more upset at the fact that I had put one of my nicest Cinderella type dresses on Elmo rather than at the fact that I dressed him up in the first place)

Anyhu, the seeds of styling were sown but somewhere along the way into adulthood I didn’t really go into it – I seem to be a creative who loves/is good at quite a few things but doesn’t ever seem to focus properly on one thing in particular for long enough. I am trying to work on this problem and find out what I’m particularly good at/want to do. But this is another blog for another day……

Luckily for me Mr Lotions and Potions happens to be the best photographer in the world – yes I might be biased I know but he really is fantastic….its not his 9-5 although he wants it to be, but he is definitely making strides to get there. So back onto the subject of styling, over the last few months Mr Lotions and Potions has been working on building up his portfolio and gave me the opportunity to style the shoots – I was beyond excited but after I calmed down started to panic and think Oh My Gosh I’m not sure I can do this!! …but three shoots later I finally feel brave enough to share some images with you guys – what do you think?

The shoot was at the lovely Preston Court which was such a fantastic location for the shoot, the venue is also a beautiful setting for weddings, parties etc so if you are still looking for somewhere for your big day you should check it out. It was with the amazing photographer Mr Lotions and Potions also known as Asiko (who I will be doing a post on next week) the super talented makeup artist Becks Buki – you might remember an earlier bag spy with her. The fantastic designer Tanielle Lobo and Pauline and Natasha - great models from Oxygen Models and Me …..Stylist in training :-) Here are some images below – please note that they are not the finished or retouched images but are the ones I took during preps and when some of the shooting was taking place…but I don’t think my camera work was too bad – I must be picking up tips from Mr Lotions and  Potions…

It was such a blast working with so many talented people and everyone worked so well together - combining effort and energy to pull out a great shoot. Let me know what you guys think

P.s I apologise for the lack of paragraphs in the text - i kept putting them in and for some annoying reason blogger kept taking them out - 20 minutes later, I have given up and left it as is.


I was literally salivating over the amount of makeup - this was only a quarter of what Becks Buki had with her

Some of the clothes and shoes on my little rail - i felt so proud

ok a little fuzzy but hopefully you can see it


Abi Jones said...

love it....doll! Very high fashion darlink. Hmm...we should style the shoot I mentioned to Ade on Sunday with me as le model obviously. x

Fab Black Woman said...

oh my gosh, it looks absolutely amazing! Are you sure you're not supposed to be a stylist?! WOW!

lotionspotionsandme said...

@ Abi - lol thanks babe!! Yes we should definitely style the shoot, I already have ideas's in my head. Keep me posted on when you want to do it. x

@ Fab Black - awww thank you for the lovely comment - it means a lot. x

TDinah said...

Just kinda 'bumped' into your blog. Great stuff! As someone who reads fashion magazines religiously,I must say that your work as a stylist
is Vogue-worthy :o)

lotionspotionsandme said...

@ Dorcas - I'm so glad you bumped into it...please come back to visit again;0). Thanks for my vogue comment....i feel quite chuffed. x

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