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November 09, 2009

#47 Bag Spy: What's in Your Bag? - Clearly Beautiful

Today’s Bag Spy comes from the lovely Clearly Beautiful from the ClearlyBeautiful blog (you should check her out). I love her blog because she offers honest information/tips about beauty and products as well as some fantastic DIY beauty recipes for you to try at home. I caught up with her to find out a bit more about her blog and of course to spy in her bag…

Clearly Beautiful is a blog devoted to making one feel beautiful from the inside and outside. My personal philosophy is that for makeup to truly do its job, it needs to be applied onto a beautiful canvas. So its very important strive for radiant, clear skin, moisturized lips, and bright eyes (get enough sleep people!). My blog has a mix of skincare tips, health tips, and makeup tips. Here are products I just can't live without:

#1: MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation. The medium coverage is just perfect to even out complexion and hide redness. I have stopped using concealer since I started using this product. Also, its not pore-clogging, and MAC's shade matching is unrivaled.

#2: Rosewater spray: I buy rosewater from a local Indian grocery store, and fill it up in a travel-size spray bottle. I use it in the same way as Fix+, which is to set or refresh my makeup, and its just awesome.

#3: MAC Fluidline Blacktrack and Powerpoint Engraved: this is my winning team for a simple, polished everyday eye. I usually don't have much time for eyeshadow, so I line my waterline with Engraved, and my upper lid with Blacktrack. If I set it with a black e/s, it stays on ad infinitum.

#4: Threading: I know this isn't a product, but I can't stress enough what a big difference threading makes to my face. I not only get my eyebrows shaped, but also the sides of my face and my upper lip. I look bright, clean, and 2 shades lighter. I do this every 3 weeks, and it goes a long way towards keeping that "canvas" perfect. If you want to find a threader, ask someone who is of south asian descent. We usually know a lady who provides the service from her home, so its super affordable!

#5: Biore Ice Fighting Blemish Cleanser: I've repurchased this cleanser twice. It contains salicylic acid and is cold when you put it on. The smell is brilliant too. I use this in conjunction with an oil-based makeup remover and then a toner. Brilliant product to keep acne at bay.

#6: Egyptian Magic: I love this stuff. It makes such an effective lip treatment. Mind you, I DO NOT recommend putting this on acne prone skin. When I did that, I broke out the next morning. A lot of other skin types may bear it, but I only use it for my lips. Love it.

#7: Coastal Scents brushes: I love all my CS brushes. I have blending fluffs for eyes, duo fiber stipplers for face, and angled brushes for contouring. They are soft, high quality, and very affordable. Definitely give them a try, especially when they're having their free shipping sales!

There you have it, a fantastic selection of products - some of which I will be hunting out. Thanks so much Clearly Beautiful, that was great!

Don't forget to check out her blog for even more juicy beauty info...



Cynthia Z said...

Hi there...found yr blog through Clearly Beautiful :)
Would love to try out the Biore cleanser!

lotionspotionsandme said...

Hey Cynthia, thanks for the follow :-)Had a look at your blog and it looks great.

I know! it does sound good doesn't it? I actually tried to look for it yesterday and it was sold out in both stores!!...must be good.

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