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November 06, 2009

#46 Rodial LA facelift - Let the test begin!

So, remember how I was moaning about my skin misbehaving last week? Well it seems my cry for help was answered as what should land on my desk but a shiny gorgeous silver and magenta package called LA Facelift from cult skincare brand Rodial (and no, before you all get cheeky I do not need a face lift!) what I do need though is a miracle in a jar to bring my skin back to life and this range promises to do just that.

Loved by celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Eva Longoria, Kylie Minogue, Katie Holmes and Jessica Simpson just to name a few – Rodial has gained a cult following and claims to offer the results of plastic surgery minus the expense and bandages.

I’m not too sure about plastic surgery, but if this lovely box of skincare goodies is promising results then I'm definitely up for the challenge and will be trialling the products for the next week or so. On opening my little box of skincare miracles I find it contains the following:

a-list cleanser 20ml- a balmy cleanser that leaves skin peachy soft with a bright, a-list glow

glamtox peel 10ml- a decongesting, exfoliating and lifting mask that smoothes away wrinkles and erases age-spots

SPF 15 glamtox eye light 5ml- a light-reflecting creme that targets wrinkles and gives instant illuminate radiance

SPF18 glamtox 10ml- loved by the stars, this cream plumps up the skin and reduces wrinkles thanks to its muscle-freezing properties

glam balm 8ml- this luxurious balm works to plump up the skin and lips, perfect for that a-list pout!

My test actually began last night with the a-list cleanser, a balmy cleanser that you rub gently onto dry skin and rinse off with lukewarm water. Afterwards my skin felt soft and moisturised without that tight feeling you can get with other cleansers. I’m actually quite excited about this product as it’s meant to contain lightening amino acids which targets hyper-pigmentation and helps to even skin tone, which is something that I am trying to sort out on my skin. I followed up with the glam balm, which is described as a wonder balm that can treat skin, plump lips, reduce wrinkles, strengthen nails and nourish hands – definitely a wonder balm as it offers so many different uses!

On waking up this morning I have to admit that my skin already looks nourished and brighter, (hmm is that the result of using the products or a good nights sleep?) Either way I’m looking forward to finding out so let’s see what happens.

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