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April 16, 2015

The Review: Clayspray Chococlay Face Mask


Face masks are one of my favourite items in my beauty routine, and I tend to use them once or twice a week, picking and choosing a mask according to my skins concerns to either deep cleanse, exfoliate or hydrate my skin.

I was recently sent Clayspray, a Spanish skincare brand to try out and upon seeing the packaging and product, I was intrigued.

The science bit

Clayspray is described as the first emulsified clay in a spray can (first time I have ever seen a face mask spray out of a can), which helps the clay mask last a lot longer than say clays that come in a jar, tube or powder, simply  because once opened they are exposed to air so tend to become hard and dried out.

It is said to "incorporate up to 60-65% of pure clay mineral, spring water and hydrogel in a luxurious texture". Which is extremely high in comparison to normal clay masks, that are said to "only contain 10-15%" in their formulations, so this is one of the highest concentrations I have seen.

The macromolecular hydrogels are meant to retain up to 800 times their weight in water, which in turn is  meant to infuse your skin with moisture as opposed to drying it out, whilst also removing excess oils and impurities.

I tried out the Chococlay - Red Clay and Cacao Mask which aims to nourish, balance, smooth and brighten.

How to use

Like most clay masks, you need to start of with a clean face, then lightly mist your face with the H20 water spray and apply a thin layer of spray to your face.

I have to admit that it applies beautifully - it has a slight liquid type consistency, which makes the application of it so much smoother and easier than any other clay mask I've used previously. If you are a fan of clay masks, you will know what I mean here, they tend to be quite thick and hard to apply.

You then leave the mask on for 15-20 mins, and can spray your face again halfway through with the H20 water to prevent it from becoming too hard and drying. This avoids that tight and horrible I can't speak or move my face experience you sometimes get with a clay mask. (I loved this tip and will be using it for some of my other masks)

Finally, rinse off the mask once the time has elapsed and follow up with another spray of the H20 water and the rest of your usual skincare.

So what did I think?


When applied it starts off with a lovely chocolate smell but after a little while, the smell changes and although I couldn't quite put my finger on what the smell is, lets just say it's not the most pleasant. Luckily it does fade after a few minutes.

You have to be extra careful when you pump out the clay, otherwise you get way too much product coming out


After rinsing off the mask, I found that my skin felt soft and moisturised (unusual for me after a clay mask, so it definitely lived up to it's moisturising claim.
The next morning ( I tend to apply my masks at night) I found that my face had a nice glow to it, my pores were less congested and it had an overall smoothness that helped my makeup go on really smoothly. I have tried the mask out about 3 times and have had the same result each time.

Overall I really liked Clayspray and the effect it had on my face.  At £25.00 for 30ml, its not the cheapest of clay masks but you are getting a higher content of clay which I think balances out the cost. 

The H20 water I would say is definitely pricey for what it is, at £8.50 for 30ml and you could easily pick up a more affordable water spray from your local boots, which would give you the same benefits with a lot more product.

I would definitely  recommend the Clayspray mask, that is a new hero product for me and it perfect if you are someone who likes to indulge in some at home skin pampering.

It is available here at Feelunique and they also have a fantastic duo offer where you can purchase the clay and spray together for £30.

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