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March 30, 2015

Review: Joliette Caribbean Radiance Range

Brands that have a story and heart behind them always tug at my heart and Afrodeity is one of those brands.

Afrodeity was founded by mother and daughter team Alicia and Joliette around the knowledge of healing herbs, oils and butters passed down through the generations.

It’s an online store that retails natural Caribbean Inspired hair and skin products. Their ultimate goal is to help small farmers in the Caribbean reinvigorate the declining agricultural industry and to stop a dependence on importation of essential foodstuff.”
I love supporting small business owners who are doing fantastic things and have met Alicia the founder a number of times and each time have been inspired by her story and journey.
So when Alicia asked if I would like to try their newly launched skincare line named Joliette – the Caribbean Radiance range, I couldn’t wait.
In Alicia’s words "I created Joliette in honour of my mother, for whom the brand is named and for my daughter and her growing head of gorgeous curls"
The whole range is a natural based line that incorporates natural fruit extracts such as papaya, strawberry, lemon and cranberry, alongside a number of oils and butters. Namely olive, coconut, apricot, sunflower, shea and vitamin e. The line is designed to help to even out your skin tone and promote a radiant complexion.
If you are not a fan of scented products though, then you might struggle with these as they are heavily scented. However it’s a gorgeous coconut scent. Think real natural coconuts and the face moisturizer also has a strong scent of the different fruit extracts. I’m usually wary of anything that is heavily scented, particularly for my face but I haven’t had any sort of reaction, which I think is largely due to Alicia’s background as a chemist.

Joliette Caribbean Radiance Facial Cream Wash
Described as a “unique 2-in-1 blend of a cream cleanser and a foaming face wash. It nourishes and protects the skin whilst actively illuminating the skin with natural fruit extracts”.
I am really enjoying using this cleanser either in the morning or as the second part of my double cleanse in the evening. It is smooth and creamy and feels more like a moisturiser than a face wash, and it doesn’t leave my face with a squeaky overly clean feeling, instead its soft and lightly moisturised.
Ingredients include: liquorice extract, papaya, cranberry, strawberry, lemon and mango fruit extracts.
£14.00 for 150ml

Joliette Caribbean Radiance Facial Scrub  
Described as a “2-in-1 blend of cream cleanser and moisturising face wash with exfoliating volcanic pumice to leave skin feeling clean, clear and ready for action.”
For regular readers you will know that I am not a fan of grainy face scrubs, I instead prefer chemical exfoliators or if I’m going to use a grainy scrub, I much prefer finely milled textures such as crystals, powders or rounded jojoba beads. That’s because I find these are much gentler and effective on my skin. I find that the grainy ones tend to scratch and aggravate my sometimes-sensitive skin.
So unfortunately the grains in these were way too harsh for my skin. I do however enjoy using it on my body.
Ingredients include: Apricot kernel oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, papaya fruit extract, cranberry extract, strawberry extract, lemon extract, mango fruit extract.
£12.00 for 150ml

Joliette Caribbean Radiance Facial Moisturiser
The Caribbean Radiance Moisturiser has been designed to” illuminate and tone skin whilst creating a smoothed out, even skin tone.”
One of the beautiful things about this moisturiser is that it has an SPF 25, a great sun protection with the addition of zinc oxide, which thankfully dries to a completely sheer finish that will not look ashy or white on darker skin tones.
It does have quite a number of oils in it, which I initially thought would make my face look shiny, however although the oils do come through after some time, my face just looked the same as it normally does with no extra shine. I found it be lightweight but with the perfect amount of moisturising properties.
I can’t attest to it’s evening out of my skin tone, I think I would need to use it for longer to really asses that. You are meant to be able to use it both during the day and at night, but I personally would only use it during the day due to the SPF properties.
Ingredients include: liquorice extract, papaya, cranberry, strawberry, lemon and mango fruit extracts.
£14.99 for 60ml
You can find out more about the brand and purchase the Joliette products on their site here 
Have you tried anything from either the Joliette range? What did you think?

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