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July 28, 2014

Motivational Monday: Live a Radical life

Image from ChalkPR 

About a week ago, I attended a Radical Skincare event and was so inspired by the founders, their vision and story that I had to make it my motivational Monday post. (I apologise for the quality of the images, they were taken on my phone)

From the minute I received the invitation, I knew the event was going to be very different to any kind of beauty event I have ever been to.

It was described as a “Vision Board Event” hosted by sisters and founders of the brand Radical Skincare. Liz and Rachel Edlich are radical sisters on a mission who are deeply committed to more than skin-deep assistance. They wanted to share the knowledge they have received from their own business mentor Bob Proctor, and help us set life goals and create our own vision board for the life we would love. 

They started off by sharing their story. Daughters of world renowned plastic surgeon, Richard Edlich who for 50% of his career was immobile from the neck down due to Multiple Sclerosis. They were encouraged watching their fathers life and achievements whilst growing up, to believe you can do anything despite your circumstances and it all starts with the decision to say YES. 

Their passion, conviction and sincerity rang out with everything they said and I was so motivated after listening and speaking to them, to go out and start living my own radical life. A life that is fulfilled and will empower and inspire others to also live a radical life.

They were also so down to earth and easy to talk to. They really took the time to walk around the room and meet everyone as well as go over your vision board and encourage you to dream bigger that you dream for yourself.

Here are just a few of the nuggets I picked up on the night, I hope it motivates and inspires you as much as it did me
  • It all starts with believing the impossible is possible
  • Don’t be afraid of failing, be afraid of not trying
  • The word YES is such a powerful word and every time you say the word yes, it’s another degree that changes and moves you forward
  • You need to make a decision. Every single day you have a choice to take your power back and make a decision about what you want to do. Not making a decision is still making a decision.
  • The most successful people in the world make the most decisions and risks and also make the most mistakes
  • People will always have an opinion of what you are doing. It’s important not to let the chatter from outside direct where you go
  • Its important to stay true to what inspired you to begin with
  • Don’t go by the norm or let precedence control your decisions
  • Don’t accept things if you can make a change and things can be better
  • To be a difference in this world, you have to make a difference

I will be trying out a few of the products from the range so will have a full review up in a few weeks, but to find out more about the brand and their vision check out radicalskincare

Have an amazing monday. xx

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