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January 16, 2014

The Girl Behind the Blog: Halima Bepo from Pwetty Bambi

For anyone who has been following me from the beginning, you might remember a series I used to do called Bag Spy: What's in her bag? It was all about investigating the beauty cupboard contents, makeup bags etc of amazing women.

So I decided to bring it back, although this time I'm including a lot more information about the woman herself. A little stuck on a new title name though, so please free to share any suggestions in the comments

Without any more blabbing I present my fist amazing woman of the series.

The very lovely and very beautiful Halima Bepo, otherwise known as Pwetty Bambi - which I'm convinced is largely due to her bambiesque eyes! Don't believe me? check them out below... Halima is a makeup extraordinaire who writes the beauty blog Pwetty Bambi

So I got chatting with Halima and asked her to share a little about herself, beauty products and favourite things.

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself and about your blog

I'm a 25 year old (gosh I'm getting old) self taught makeup artist and skin care junky. 

My blog is a beauty and makeup blog that was inspired by boredom ( I'm not joking I was really bored when I started blogging) . 

2. What does beauty mean to you?

 Beauty to me is simplicity. 

3. What is your earliest beauty memory?

Is it ok to say my earliest beauty memory was the day I was born. My mother is half Kanuri and if you're a Nigerian you know how the women take care of themselves. My first beauty experience was my first olive oil bath / scrub by my grandmother ( probably explains why I love my skin ). Oh and I started wearing locally made kohl kajal as a baby. 

4. Lets talk skincare - tell us about your favourite skincare and make up products and why?

Yikes this is going to be hard because I have a lot of FAVOURITES. 

Skincare: Emma Hardie moringa cleansing balm, this is probably the best cleansing balm I've ever tried. It's perfect for all skins types. I use mostly at night to take off my makeup. 

Makeup: Diorshow blackout mascara. Its the only mascara I've been loyal too for yearsssss. It's the blackest mascara on the market and never clumps. 

5. Do you have a beauty secret/tip you can share with us?

WATER  WATER WATER. You can buy all the beauty products on the market but if your diet is crap , non them will work. Drinking water removes toxins from your system. 

6. What is your favourite way to rest and recharge?

Sleep!!!!! I don't watch TV ( yes I'm odd)  . I usually have a hot shower and peppermint tea before bed. It's my favourite way to recharge. 

7. If you were given £100 to spend – what beauty or style items would you buy? 

  • Sisley : gentle foaming cleaner £64.50 
  • Guerlain : ombr√© √©clat 4 ( this eyeshadow palette is gorgeous ) £38.00 

Yikes I only mentioned two things and I've practically ran out of £100 

I need prayers!

8. What words, quote or advice do you live by?

 "There is beauty in simplicity " 

9. If you could give your 18-year-old self any advice what would you say? 

Don't worry too much about the past. Enjoy life one day at a time. 

10. What are Halima’s favourite things?

  • Book: The Quran
  • Film: Bambi 
  • Music: All of me by John legend 
  • Food/Restaurant: Marks and Spencers chocolate eclairs and Chai latte 
  • Place: LOVE Medinah and NYC
  • Things in life: Family, makeup and food

Be sure to stop over on Halimas blog here and say hello. She is so lovely with an extra dose of cheekiness.

P.s I had to throw in this image - it really shows her personality to a tee.

Thanks for sharing Halima. xxx

P.s.s I seriously do need some suggestions for a new title. I know you guys have skills :-) so please share some ideas in the comments below.

Some of the titles I have circling around are

  1. Bag Spy What's in your Bag (this was the original title)
  2. The Girl behind the Blog
  3. Lotions Potions and Her (A little play on my blog name)

Would really appreciate your thoughts. xx

1 comment:

The Beautiful Eagle's Blog said...

Halima is a pretty girl, really simple yet beautiful.
i think you should stick to the title" Bag Spy!What's in your make-up bag.
Some people might not be bloggers hence the title "girl behind the blog" will not be suitable for them.
And your doing a nice job here!!

The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

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