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December 19, 2013

Miss BB Bag Hanger

Another quick post 

One of my pet peeves is putting my handbag on the floor, I have seen a few floors where I have thought there is no way on earth my bag is going on that floor!! and have been known to keep my bag on my lap is situations like that. 

Pretty impressive considering my handbag is almost always as heavy as a medium small piece of luggage. yes I carry everything in my bag including my kitchen sink (covers head in shame)

Anyhu whilst I was out recently at an event,  I came across this cute bag hanger from Miss BB aka Doria who writes the beauty blog MissBB . 

This bag hanger makes a cute and practical accessory to pop into your bag. It attaches to any table or flat surface and holds weight up to 10 kilos, keeping your bag close to you and off grimy floors.  To be honest when I found out that it could hold my luggage bag off the floor and not break the table at the same (my ultimate test) time I was sold.

Thankfully Doria sells them on her site blackandbeautiful .They retail for £8 and would make a fantastic little stocking filler.

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