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September 02, 2013

I'm Back & Highlights from the Woman in the Jungle Hair & Beauty Show

Hey guys,

I'm baaaacccckkkk!! and I missed you.

I'm truly sorry for my complete absence over the last few weeks, lets just say that I came to the full realisation that despite my best efforts I am most definitely not superwoman and that no matter how hard I try I absolutely cannot do everything at once.

To say my last month has been hectic is a complete understatement and in attempt to elicit a little sympathy from you, I thought I would let you in on some of my moving woes. They have ranged from serious plumbing and flooding issues, the never ending battle with what I am calling one of the worst possible customer service centres (Ikea)  over my bed and their incorrect measurements, and the crowning jewel  known as the rats that ate my sofa, sofa-bed/rug in a storage facility and then the resulting battle with the insurance to claim it back. (I still don't have a sofa btw).

I'm hoping this has prompted a reaction of "wow I just want to give you a big hug now" and that this also means that I am forgiven (wink, wink nudge, nudge) so I'm going to jump right in with todays post.

In all seriousness though, I have been trying to stay positive through all the craziness, believing that it will all work out and things have finally started clicking into place. So with that positive mindset in full force, it's a new month and I'm back and rearing to go, so thank you for being so patient with me, I truly appreciate it.

To kick things off, here are some images from the first Woman in The Jungle Natural Hair and Beauty Show that I attended last weekend.

P.s I also ended up on the Q & A panel at the end of the show with some fantastic women and fellow bloggers. We discussed natural hair & products, the makeup industry for women of colour in the UK, the importance of a skincare regimen and many other issues relating to the hair and beauty concerns of women of colour.

The new Afronoire Magazine

The fantastic Afronoire Love Yourself Board

The new Afronoire magazine

A gorgeous bumble bee brooch from Chalk Jewellery

More lovely jewellery from Chalk Jewellery

The newly launched Curly by Nature brand - the oil smells amazing!

Danielle Pond from Pure Bliss

The ingredients for her hair smoothie recipe

The green healthy hair smoothie recipe. I'm planning to make it soon so will keep you posted

Ingredients from Hug My Hair

Hug My Hair (image curtesy of Jo from PatentPurpleLife)

Isis Magazine

Jouvert Eyeshadows

Meredith from Jouvert Cosmetics (image curtesy of Jo from PatentPurpleLife)

Lush Cosmetics

The lovely WITJ t-shirts

The panel in action (image curtesy of Jo from PatentPurpleLife)

Some of the fantastic women I was on the panel with. From L-R Fatou from BlackBeautyBag, Wunmi from WITJ, Ronke from Ondolady and Me! (image curtesy of Jo from PatentPurpleLife who was also on the panel)

Well done Wunmi, it was such a well organised event, in a great location and with such a nice vibe and energy. I'm really looking forward to the next one happening next year. So if you missed it keep your eyes peeled for more information, it promises to be even better.

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