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July 08, 2013

Motivational Mondays: Top 10 points - If at first you don't succeed be persistent and try again!

Did you guys catch the final Wimbledon match yesterday between Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic? If not you missed such a fantastic match! One day on and I'm still excited because it was brilliant! It will definitely go down as a major day in sporting history where day Murray won the Wimbledon championship for Britain after a 77 year gap. 

For me not only is it a historical celebration, but I also found Andy Murray's performance to be completely encouraging and a lesson in persistence and determination. Where if at first you don't succeed be persistent and try again! See how I neatly brought it back to my title there?

So it got me thinking, why do so many of us give up when things get difficult or when we fail? Sadly it's often just when success is within our reach. Also what do some successful people have or do which encourages them to keep going. 

Here are ten things that I came up with, which I believe you need to have to be persistent in reaching your dream.
  1. Begin with a goal or vision then write down your vision and make it plain/clear
  2. You have to be passionate about whatever your goal is. That passion will be needed on days that seem challenging
  3. Write an action plan for your goal 
  4. Go for it
  5. Surround yourself with support and encouragement. This could be in the form of people, information, faith filled words, positive affirmations, stories of other successful people that you admire etc 
  6. Remove the negativity around you. Don't let naysayers or even yourself convince you that you can't achieve your goal
  7. Don't sit and have a pity party over your wounds. If you fail pick yourself back up and never think that just because you failed it means it's all over. It's only ever over if you believe it is. At last years wimbledon match Andy Murray lost in the finals, he broke down and cried but then picked himself back up, learnt from it and came back to win the championship yesterday
  8. Learn, adapt and change.  If you fail at something look at the whole situation objectively and think what went wrong? what can I learn, adapt or change ? Then keep going till you reach your goal
  9. Have the right mindset keeping your hope, faith, belief and determination to succeed alive
  10. Finally a quote from the amazing Oprah Winfrey another champion in the art of persistence and determination "You have to run your own race. Run it like a marathon, and just steadily build energy for yourself so that when you're on the last lap, you're stronger than ever"
I hope this has helped someone, let me know if you have any other points that you believe you need to have in order to be persistent at reaching your goal.

Segun. x

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