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June 26, 2013

Review of the Bespoke Facial with Antonia Burrell

Antonia Burrell

Something I’m trying to start doing more often is facials and todays post is about the most amazing bespoke facial I had with Antonia Burrell.

Antonia is a well renowned UK skincare expert, an accredited BABTAC practitioner and a firm favourite with many beauty editors. Her “Natural Face Lift Facial” is so advanced that it has been formally accredited by BABTAC one of the beauty industry’s top awarding bodies and is now taught as part of the London College of Fashion postgraduate curriculum. So it’s safe to say that I was uber excited to meet her as not only is she renowned as an expert facialist but she is also a woman of colour which means that although she is an expert with all skin types, she also has the inside knowledge of our skin type and concerns. This is reflected in her skincare line, which is formulated, to be gentle but effective and specifically works to treat pigmentation, uneven skin tone and loss of radiance, something that affects a number of women of colour.

Just to give you a hint of how amazing this facial was, I have cheekbones but I also have chubby cheeks, which means that my cheeks tend to camouflage my cheekbones! I can only ever get those bad boys out to play when I go with a full on contouring fiasco. Anyway after my facial with Antonia I came out feeling completely calm, radiant and with additional cheekbones I didn’t even know I had! This is what happens when you get a facialist who not only knows her stuff but whose hands also work magic in delivering a fantastic massage facelift.

Before I even get started with the actual facial, I first have to give her a blog applaud for her customer service! In the past I have been to a couple of “renowned facialists” one of which I have written about in the past and unfortunately on both occasions I came out not only feeling extremely disappointed with the facial but also with how I had been treated as a client. It always felt like unless I was a celebrity of sorts they just weren’t really interested and as a result I was given below par service.

Needless to say, this DID NOT happen here, instead I felt like a valued client. Antonia was attentive, professional and I felt like she gave me the full and complete service (she wasn’t even aware that I was a blogger and would be writing a review)
Secondly, Antonia has fantastic and flawless skin. Completely clear, radiant and not a visible pore in site – trust me I checked!! Even more encouraging as she is a walking advert for her craft.

Now onto the facial, first she started with cleansing my face with her signature oil cleanser combined with a warm cloth and oh my goodness the cleanser has the most amazing and relaxing scent that you can only ever really get with spa products. You literally feel yourself relax just from the smell. She did this a number of times whilst massaging and using her lifting and healing facial technique. This was followed by more face lifting and massage techniques, a gentle exfoliation to resurface my skin and a mask. I do have a confession to make here, I missed a bit of the facial/details simply because I was so relaxed that I dozed off and only woke up when I gave a little snore (Sorry Antonia). Thumbs up again to her fantastic service, she didn’t even bat an eyelid when I did that. I’m hoping it’s because her magic fingers have this effect on everyone.

Her facials are tailored specifically to what your skin needs and mine was seriously lackluster and dehydrated (I haven’t been drinking enough water or eating properly and have also been a bit stressed recently) but when I came out, I just looked lifted and radiant and I stayed looking like that for at least another week.

I was so impressed with my facial that I also purchased a couple of products to try out at home, the Natural Glow Cleansing Oil and the Radiant Light Facial Serum, which was recommended for my pigmentation. I have been using the cleanser for the last month and I absolutely love it! I haven’t used the serum yet as I had something else I was using but I will be starting soon and will update you guys with a proper review of both products in about a month’s time. I now wish I had bought the whole range…

Final Verdict: I can’t rave about the facial enough. It’s hands down one of the best facials I have ever had to date. It was exactly what you would expect a facial to be, luxurious, pampering, relaxing but most importantly effective! For the whole week after the facial, I received non-stop compliments about the tone, radiance and look of my skin. Additionally after the facial, all my other skincare products worked better as they were able to really sink into my skin and my makeup went on so beautifully.

So if your skin is in SOS mode or if like me you simply want to take your skin management up a notch, I say don’t walk but run to Antonia Burrell. You can find out more about Antonia, her facial treatments and the product range here

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