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April 26, 2013

Natural Hair Updo Inspirations

Happy Friday!

So my curls are back out... In anticipation of spring/summer they were asking to come out and play. The conversation went something like this

Scenario: It started with me brushing my weave

Curls: No!
Me: Sorry?
Curls: I said No!
Me: Oh hello! No what?
Curls: No more brushing and tugging, for the love of me....I've had enough!

Me: But its my protective style and stop being so whingey, its for you!
Curls: I think I have been protected enough thank you very much, and anyway it was 16 degrees today
Me: What does 16 degrees have to do with it?
Curls: Well, its a hint of summer and the heating is now off so you cant use the dry winter weather as an excuse anymore
Me: I think hint of summer is a serious exaggeration, have you forgotten where we live?
Curls: Sniff! (exaggerated pause here) well im a glass is half full kind of hair and (starts humming)
Me: Fine, fine, fine! You can come out to play, just don't hum "always look on the bright side of life"!
Curls: Freedom at last, freedom at last
Me: I don't know why you are so happy, you are going into a protective bun (cue dr eveil laugh)
Curls: Noooooo!

The end....

Yes I speak to my hair, she loves it. Don't look at me like that and don't knock it till you try it! So in an attempt to make my curls happy and in anticipation of the summery soirees coming up, I went hunting for some natural hair undo inspirations

Natural Updo Inspirations

The gorgeous beauties from top left to right

1) Janelle Monae
2) Tracee Ellis Ross
3) Angelique Noire
4) Thandie Newton
5) Teyonah Parris (Her hair was done by Felicia Leatherwood)
6) Mae Tapp of Natural Chica
7) Tamika Fletcher of Tamika Fletcher
8) Vaughn of  MsVaughnTV

1 comment:

Unknown said...

i giggled more than a little when i read this post! love it! i also love solange knowles hair styles - she's fab :) xx

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