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September 13, 2012

Selfridges Beauty Workshop and Stila Foundations for darker skin

So following my recent post on the Selfridges Beauty Box , I unfortunately didn’t get a box, I did try to buy it as soon as I got the email, but just kept getting error messages until the site finally said they were out of stock!  Anyway, I thought I would pop into Selfridges to get a quick look at the first instalment of their new Beauty Workshop space.  First impressions, they didn’t have as many brands out as I was expecting (just my own wishful thinking there), which was a little disappointing, however  it looks like it will be quite interesting, so it's worth checking out once the final instalment is open.

I had a look at the Weave Got Style bar, and they happened to be installing some track lines on a client (using the threading method) which unfortunately meant that they couldn’t really stop to talk. I got a picture of the hair they have on offer and the texture seemed similar to some Remy brands I have felt in the past. Looking at their site, they don’t specify if they install weaves for women of colour, also looking at their website/press images, it doesn’t seem to suggest that either. However if you are interested in finding out more, have a look at their site and maybe get in touch. It’s weavegotstyle

Finally I stopped at the Stila counter, also in the Beauty Workshop space and spoke to the lovely Stephanie, who highlighted the new gorgeous lip “stay all day collection” as well as the foundations for darker skin tones.  Have a look at the clever packaging with the flip top mirror, concealer and brush all in one, it’s perfect for carrying on the go. I spotted a couple of shades that looked like they would be nice for my skin tone and a few other possible shades if you are lighter than me. I was in a bit of a rush but will definitely be trying it out properly the next time I’m there.

Have any of you been down to the beauty workshop? What did you think?


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