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January 15, 2010

#62 Bobbi Brown: Makeup Facelift Collection

Bobbi Brown is launching a collection called Makeup Facelift which is available online now and is coming to stores next week. It was designed to give women all the tools to look well-rested and bright eyed – in five minutes flat! Check out the collection here bobbibrown

I love Bobbi Brown products especially the foundations and I find that they work really well with most women of colour. I also love that her makeup usually has a natural quality to it so it works to enhance your natural beauty rather than camouflage it. I had a look at the collection online and it looks very wearable so I can’t wait to try a few bits out.

Here are some quotes from Bobbi on how to use the collection to Plump, Brighten, Pop and Define which I have copied in below.


Layer skincare formulas, a wet hydrating eye cream such as the new Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream, which visibly revives, repairs and reinforces the delicate skin around the eyes, under a rich dense balm for instance, will give skin a plumped-up cushiony look.
Use the warmth of your fingers to help blend the cream. It is far more effective to apply a base (foundations or tinted moisturisers) that looks like real skin and just evens out the complexion. Tinted Moisturising Balm works well to give a plump freshness to the skin.


Lighten the under-eye area and draw your attention up with a pink toned corrective Tinted Eye Brightener. The shades of the brightener will totally counter act dark shadows under the eye making the eye look more lifted and tight. Be sure to apply close to the lashes and to the inner corner of the eye as well.
The brow bone should always be the lightest part of the make up so apply a white or ivory highlighter to this part of the eyelid for an instant lift. Try my new Eye Shadow in Navajo, this clean bright fresh eye colour will instantly lift the eye giving brightness and making the eye look higher and tighter.


Dust blush high on the apples of your cheeks. Choose a shade of blush that looks like the colour of your cheeks when you blush
Pinks and corals are great colour choices to give an uplifting youthful appearance to the skin, try my Pale Pink Powder Blush.


Instantly give your eyes a lift with defined brows. The new Brow Pencils provide a soft, natural look as well as exceptional blendability in a convenient, easy to use pencil. The beauty of the pencil is that you can precisely place the arch which will instantly lift the brow.
When lining the eyes, extend the liner ever so slightly at the outer corner of the eye. Make sure the liner is thick enough and visible enough when your eyes open. Try Long wear Gel Liner in Caviar
Keep the eyelids fresh and natural (using either powder or cream shadow) and apply strong eyeliner and 2 coats of mascara to open the eyes. If you suffer with dark under eye apply eyeliner to the top lash line only.
After applying lipstick and lip pencil. Layer a light shade of light-reflecting, high shine lip gloss - Brightening Lip Gloss has a unique formula which makes the lip appear fuller and smoother so ideal for a lip with imperfections whilst creating the illusion of fuller lips.
When you have finished the makeup apply a little Soothing Balm over the cheeks to give a fresh dewy finish.

I personally would like to try the Extra Eye Repair Cream and the Tinted Eye Brightener as my eye area could definitely do with a major dose of TLC. I will keep you all posted on the products once I’ve tried them.


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