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January 04, 2010

#58 Happy New Year & New Beauty Resolutions

Hey lovelies,

Happy New Year!! I am so glad to be back to the blogging world and missed you all over the holidays.

Wow it’s the end of another year, decade …and personally I am so pleased to be starting a new year as while last year had some great moments – in general it wasn’t quite the year I wanted for so many reasons. So moving on to this year, I have an amazing feeling about this year and what it will bring and to get me started on the path to greatness here are my beauty resolutions and wishlist for 2010

1) To find the right skincare for me and to stick to a regime….seriously I am such a switcher ….which is causing my skin to be a bit reactive, so I need to stick to a solid regime for a while…although I will throw in a few extras and newbie’s along the way cause it’s me I’m talking about so who am I kidding

2) To take off my makeup as soon as I get home – my current method is to slump on the sofa and then shift the slumping to the bed where I convince myself I will get up (this never works obviously!) I then wake up at about 2am because I always have this annoying niggling voice in my head that won’t let me sleep with makeup on. I then wash my face and proceed to stay up till 4am as I cant get back to sleep, and wake up later on feeling really tired.

3) To drink 2 litres of water a day – this is a big one as for the last few months I have only managed to drink about 3 glasses of water a day and I am starting to see the results on my skin

4) To change my diet – it has been so disgraceful as of late and I went all the way with junk food over the festive period resulting in face a la blotchy and congested! So not a good look!!

5) To get back to my keep fit program “sigh as I dig out my dusty Wii board” – it was actually going quite well till had one of those weeks where I wasn’t in the mood and then didn’t go back – anyhu my current waistline is sending me right back to it

6) To perfect my makeup techniques for my face – there is nothing like being able to do your own makeup well and to find makeup that really works for me

7) I promise to learn how to apply false eyelashes

8) To stop listening to the siren voices of the shops and start working with the contents of my wardrobe! Its actually gotten quite bad in that it’s extremely packed but I can never seem to find anything to wear so I end up wearing the same things all the time

9) And finally not technically a beauty resolution but it will feed into it. To focus on all my plans and priorities for the year and on a day to day basis do something that helps me get closer to my goals

My wish list for the year is

1) That someone would invent a device that would help me take out my hair extensions in 10 minutes max so I don’t have to sit there for hours on end taking them out

2) A lip base coat that I put on first which then allows all lip glosses to show up on my lips – ( I have quite dark lips and find that colours just seem to disappear on them or turn into a completely different shade)

Does anyone else have any beauty resolutions or a wish list for the year?



That and This..... said...

Good luck with the resolutions girl! At least they're realistic and sound easy to stick to so there's no reason why you can't keep to them!


lotionspotionsandme said...

Aww thank you - will keep you posted on how it goes. Oh and welcome to the blogging world. x

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