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November 16, 2009

#49 Bag Spy: What's in your bag? - The Beauty Edit

Today's bag spy comes courtesy of the very lovely Laura from The Beauty Edit. I was uber excited when Laura agreed to do a bag spy for us, as with over 20 years of working in the beauty industry (she was a beauty director on Company magazine and a beauty editor at British Cosmopolitan as well as working on other publications) she is an amazing source of beauty information, knowledge and secrets (I had to stop myself from bombarding her with loads of questions). She is also really lovely (as mentioned previously) check out her blog for everything beauty related at thebeautyedit
So guy's here is her bag spy and a bit more info about her.

I'm Laura from The Beauty Edit and I'm excited to be asked to contribute to Bag Spy!

A bit about me? I have been a beauty journalist for longer than I care to remember, most recently for Company Magazine. I won't lie, it was a great job, doing shoots here and abroad, going backstage to the shows in Milan, Paris, New York and London, attending product launches all round the world, meeting and interviewing experts, and of course, the run of the beauty cupboard! But the recession took its toll, I was made redundant (like I would ever leave?!) and so the logical step was to join the world of beauty blogging - guess what - I love it! It's great to be able to comment and share and to have content that's so fresh, new and inspiring. I'm in awe of the detailed research that so many dedicated bloggers apply to their posts. I love discovering new sources and it's a thrill every time I get a new follower! Blogging feels like a democracy where everyone's opinion is valid, quite different from magazines. In my blog, I cover trends and new products, introducing beauty experts that I've worked with and showcasing some of the shoots I have done from my portfolio, and basically anything beauty-related that's caught my eye.

OK, so I've tipped out my make-up bag and here's what's inside! These are my trusty standbys. With these I can do my make-up in the car in five minutes or less (as long as my husband is driving!) and they work for day or night. Usually for evening, I'll add more mascara, bronzer and the darkest eyeshadow from my palette.

#1) By Terry Soleil de Rose Freshtone Hydra-Reviver. I love to use this as a make-up base, or for those days when I'm not really wearing any make-up apart from this. It's meant to act as a bit of a tan accelerator, but to be honest I haven't noticed any difference in that respect. What I do notice is that the scent and the feel of it make my skin feel and look fresher.

#2) Bare Minerals SPF 15 Foundation in Medium Beige. I was a mineral make-up novice until I paired up with the brand for a charity Beauty Editors Day at Selfridges last year. I spent the whole day at the counter and learnt a lot about it! I love the way it gives skin a 'finished' polished look, blurring blemishes and dark circles but with none of the creasing that you sometimes get with liquid foundation. I was shown that you only need to use a tiny amount too, so it lasts ages.

#3) Bare Escentuals Max Coverage Concealer Brush. I use this small flat brush to apply the mineral powder all over.

#4) By Terry Bronze-Expert Sun Compact Brush. There are probably more affordable bronzing powders that are great, but for a treat, try this! You just stamp it on, once to each cheek, and your forehead and then blend it all in with the built-in brush. Definately makes me look more awake.

#5) Bourjois 1001 Lashes Mascara is my mascara du jour. I prefer mascaras that separate, lengthen and define rather than thicken, which is exactly what this does.

#6) Estee Lauder Brow Setting Gel. Nothing revolutionary, but somehow makes me feel a bit more groomed.

#7) Clinique Eye Contour Brush. Short, fat and round. Not me, the brush. Makes any eyeshadow go on better.

#8) Laura Mercier Eyeshadow Palette. Confession; this is absolutely ancient! So old the writing has worn off it, so I don't know the shade names. But I love the combo - a pale ivory for below the brow, a warm, sunny goldy-peach for the socket, a shimmery mid-brown for lids and a deep navy for occasional added emphasis. The new Revlon ColorStay quad in Sunrise, Sunset has similar shades.

#9) Essie Nail Polish in Chinchilly. A light, wearable grey that actually looks quite fresh and classic - if you haven't tried grey yet, this would be a good way to start.

#10) Estee Lauder High Gloss Plump in Lilac Plump. I'm not really into lip colour for me (love it on other people) but sometimes I'll add a dab of this to finish off. Not sure why it's called Lilac, to me it's a great nude.
Thanks again Laura, I'm already planning a Bare Minerals trip to try out the foundation. Don't forget to check out her blog.



Anonymous said...

Estee lauder's lippys are great, they go on smooth and feel great throughout the day. The only one I find better is the lip balm from Mac, smooth and moisturising.
I'm looking to get a kabuki brush or a retractable powder brush for my handbag, (other one was stolen as I left it in the bathroom of a pub!). I saw that Laura uses bare escentuals, might give it a try.
Really enjoying your blog!

Disneyrollergirl.net said...

Great post - thank you! The bronzer sounds promising, and foolproof...

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