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October 19, 2009

Beauty Bites & Rants

There were a couple of interesting and annoying bits of beauty news I picked up last week

First up in Friday’s London Lite Newspaper – there is apparently a new lipgloss that goes all detective on you to spot if your drink has been spiked. Well not the lipgloss exactly, but the special test strips included with the gloss. When the strips come into contact with a drink that has been tampered with, it’s meant to turn blue immediately if there are substances such as GHB or kematine in the liquid. Definitely sounds like a good product, however it doesn’t work on all types of drinks and I unfortunately couldn’t find any stats on it. I personally would recommend you still play it safe and buy/watch your own drinks. The 2LoveMyLips gloss costs £9.99 and you can see their website for more details www.2lovemylips.co.uk

All hail the gods of beauty in the Evening Standard who have suddenly decreed that due to the fact that Georgia Jagger is on the cover of Vogue and Lara Croft is the face of Jaeger - its now ok and all the ‘rage’ to have a gap in your front tooth or rather as they describe it – “the Wife of Bath Look (a sexy, insouciant gap between the front incisors)…it also apparently “takes courage to pull it off”

I don’t know about needing courage, as I personally have been fronting and loving the gap in my tooth (obviously blissfully unaware that it was completely unfashionable and went against all ideas of beauty) Forgive me as I say what a load of rubbish! In my world, Mr Lotions & Potions calls my gap sexy and I honestly think its one of the little things that just makes me, me. I feel that this is one of those annoying and confidence sapping messages that the media sometimes sprout out to women to dictate to them about what is beautiful and what is not. I find it ridiculous, that in such an intellectually evolved world, we can be told that just because a celebrity has a gap in her tooth that means its ok for us to all have it now and we no longer have to mind the gap!


laura said...

Hear, hear. I read that feature too and thought what a non-story. Hasn't a gap always been cool and sexy, since, like Jane Birkin?

amber_j said...

Lots of gaps in my family (sadly, I don't have one) and it's a sign of beauty in our culture so I've always been a fan. What exactly do they mean by it "takes courage to pull it off"??? Do more timid types spend their lives with their mouths closed, never smiling too broadly?

lotionspotionsandme said...

Thanks Laura and Amber, thats exactly how I felt when I read the feature....

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