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September 21, 2009

#36 Bag Spy - Alison Cameron

Today’s Bag Spy is the extremely talented and fabulous Alison Cameron. Alison is a professional makeup artist working in both the Fashion and Wedding industry. I came across her work through a friend and after seeing the work on her site …it was literally love at first sight! I was so blown away. When you look at her work, everything is very clean, precise and it looks so seamless/flawless that it’s hard to tell where makeup and skin differ. Absolutely beautiful, that’s all I can say –check out her site – it really does speak for itself http://www.alisoncameronmakeup.com/

After speaking to her (she by the way is really lovely and so down to earth) she thankfully agreed to share her bag spy with me (I was fully prepared to go into full begging mode if she hadn’t). I will also have an exclusive interview with her tomorrow where she will be sharing a bit more about herself, her work, how she got into it and providing yet more tips. I’m so excited and can’t wait so check out the blog tomorrow …

So Alison – LPM wants to know: Bag Spy, What’s in Your Bag?

I can't live without Fix + spray by MAC. It's a bit of an indulgence but it's fantastic for dry skin as it adds pure moisture; I use it before moisturiser to hydrate the skin, after foundation and powder to set and bind my makeup to the skin and it's perfect to keep in your handbag or your desk to rejuvenate your skin when it's tired or dehydrated and especially if your going out straight from work. A couple of spritzs and a retouch of your makeup makes it look brand new.

I really like to use Bio Oil as a night cream. It fades my dark marks and blemishes over night as well as being a good conditioner for every type of skin.

I never leave home without a hand cream as my poor hands get very dry. Clarins do an excellent hand cream. Not the cheapest but it leaves the hands moisturised and not sticky or greasy.

For keeping eyeshadow on all day and all night I highly recommend a product from MAC called Paint or you can now get Paint Pots. They are creamy eyeshadows that are very water resistant and crease proof. They come in a variety of colours and have lovely skin tone shades - Constructivist (paint pot) for a black skin, Sublime Nature (paint) for an Asian skin, and Bare Canvas for paler skins.

Barry M do the best nail varnishes ever! They are creamy and streak proof and look good even after just one coat...they don't chip very easily too.

My favourite lip gloss in the whole world is Ample Pink plushglass by MAC.
It's a sheer cool pink tone (no shimmer) that's sits perfectly on the lips. It spreads evenly and is not too thin and not too sticky and even has a tingly lip plumping action that makes the lips look really smooth!
So there you have it guys, Alison's bag spy - tune in for part two of her interview tomorrow and check out her site.

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