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September 02, 2009

#31 Psst Beauty Rumour Has It that:

Topshop has recently confirmed its plans for a makeup collection to launch in 2010 – but annoyingly everything to do with the plans are a bit hush hush and under major lock and key. The only information available is that it will be a joint collaboration with a well known makeup artist! I’m guessing they will be British, famous and a rocker of sorts. Any ideas anyone?

Dita Von Teese will be launching a beauty book next year and sharing the secrets to her amazing look

Tyra Banks will be showing off her real hair!!! Yes you heard that right her real hair, on her talk show on September 8th – I guess we will have to wait for the You Tube postings. She says on her twitter page “Guess What! I'm rockin' my REAL hair on my talk show September 8th. No fake hair at all! Will be the hair coming out of my scalp! 4 all 2 C! no ponytails, no ballet bun head. hair will be out and free!”….hmmm any thoughts on how long this will last for?

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