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August 26, 2009

#28 Hair Ye, Hair Ye: Phillip Kingsley’s Elasticizer Review

So over the last few weeks I have been trying out Phillip Kingsley’s Elasticizer- an intensive super moisturising treatment.

They say it’s a highly concentrated moisturising treatment that’s suitable for all hair types and helps to improve suppleness, stretch ability, bounce and shine.
You are meant to use it before shampooing by applying it to wet hair and covering it with a shower cap for 10-20minutes before washing.

Now what’s quite interesting, is it seems to have received mixed reviews – with some people saying they didn’t really notice any difference to their hair's condition or they actually felt like their hair came out coarser afterwards! Personally I loved, loved, and loved it! I think one of the reasons their hair came out coarser was because, wait for it – they just didn’t follow the instructions. You will have noticed that it mentioned leaving it on for 10-20 minutes, well several people were writing about leaving it for 45 minutes, 2 hours and even overnight.

Now the only reason I can be so smug is not because I always follow instructions (I have been known to strut around the house with conditioner + shower cap in my hair for hours much to the distress of Mr Lotions & Potions – who feels this wasn’t part of our marriage contract) but because when I bought my Elasticizer, I bought it in a salon and was lucky enough to be advised to follow the timing instructions carefully. This is because apparently the product works to strengthen your hair and return it to its natural healthier state prior to any damage. Now with this warning ringing in my head and with visions flashing of me washing it out and seeing my relaxed hair revert to its afro state – trust me I was watching my clock with precision.

My hair came out softer (its in the I need to be relaxed state again so this was a big deal), more manageable, silky and with continued use it seems much stronger as well.

You can buy Elasticizer from most salons and it’s also available at www.hqhair.com/ for £23.50

1 comment:

Timi said...

I am intrigued already, i will have to try this out and keep you posted on the result. I will also make sure i keep to time. But thanks for this information, i hope my near comatose hair comes back to life.

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