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August 17, 2009

# 24 Frock & Rock

Over the last week or so I have been to a number of fashion and beauty events which I will be posting about over the next week.

First up is Frock & Rock, a fashion event which included beautiful vintage dresses for sale, a swap area for you to bring along any unwanted bits and swap them for something else and my favourite area – a design your own frock area either picking from the selection of dress ideas available on display (from celebrities and shops) or with your own frock idea. These clever fashionistas also provided a range of fabrics, trimmings, stylist and on-site seamstress (to help you with your selections) all at fantastic and affordable prices.

It was a fab event with a few mini catfights as a couple of ladies (me included) all descended on vintage dresses and trimmings galore and was held at Shoki’s Shakes in Hendon who helped to fuel the event with amazing shakes/smoothies and some absolutely scrumptious cupcakes. I ended up selecting a cute little tea dress to be made for a friends upcoming wedding – so will keep you guys posted on how it goes. The event will be held every last Sunday of the month and the next one will be on 30th August.

To provide you all with a bit more info about the event I managed to get the fabulous Tope Abiola who is the brains behind the event to give me a mini interview about her, the idea, the event and her plans for the future. (Check out the picture of the 2 ladies holding up some fabric – Tope is the one on the left and they made the outfits they are wearing to showcase what F&R can do for you)

1) What’s the story/idea behind Frocks & Rocks?

I was looking for a way in which I could combine my interest in styling, fashion and design together. I know as a woman, I would see an outfit in a runway show, a store or on a celebrity, dream and fantasize about it but never get around to it because of the hassle of where to get the right fabric, I need a dressmaker etc. Or I would see an outfit but would want to add or remove details to suit my frame or personality. A customer of Frock & Rock would be able to create an outfit, get styling tip/help and fabric all from one place. We have trimmings, embellishments, beadings, stones to help make your design unique. We also sell Vintage dresses at affordable prices.Another element to Frock & Rock is swapping where you can bring unwanted items (bags, shoes dresses) new or in good condition and trade it in for something else.

2) Tell us a bit about yourself

I started working in retail from the age of 15 as a sales assistant. I loved working in the fitting room as a sales assistant, helping customers to make the right decision, meeting people and making sure excellent customer service was achieved. I also worked as a weekend manager for a small boutique in north London and there I gained experience in management and merchandising. I started making my own clothes at 19, customising t-shirts. I can hemistich quite well so if I had a party to go to, I would customise a t-shirt by using sequencing, adding another bit of material, rip up some jeans or make a dress. I started taking orders for clients around this time as well. I did push it aside for a while but I never stopped drawing and I definitely didn't stop creating my own outfits. I also did short courses in St Martins to study fashion and sewing.

3) How does F& R work - in terms of getting clothes made?

When you place an order and we get straight to work immediately. I have dressmakers working with me. Our aim is to finish on outfit in 1 and a half week/2 weeks for fittings. We also do express jobs. Customer service is key for me. I want a customer to come to me and leave extremely happy and content that she has gotten her money worth.

4) What are the prices like?

Vintage dresses costs between £15- £40. To get an outfit designed and made with Frock & Rock, we are fair and not overpriced especially in these times. A girl still has to look good! Prices start from £35 for a skirt and £40 for a dress, this is excluding the cost of fabric, which starts from £10/ 3yards.

5) How often will F&R be held?

It will be held once a month, the last Sunday of every month. I accept orders in-between though.

6) What are your hopes for the future for it?

Wow, God willing, I pray to grow. To get more stylists on board. I would like to open up a store here in London and in Nigeria and God knows where else. I would love to style and get my hands on some our Nigerian celebrities. I would also love to have events where as a woman you can get everything you need for a day or night out. So from hair, your eyelashes fixed, eyebrows done, manicure and pedicure, jewellery, an outfit, shoes and bags. The whole works...basically get Frocked & Rocked. I am obsessed with the transformation of before and after. Absolutely love it

7) Are you involved in any other projects? If so what?

At the moment no, this is the beginning of something I believe to be great so I want to nurture and pour my everything into it.

8) Do you have any style rules or secrets?

Always wear what shows off your best feature. So if you have a beautiful neckline, wear an open neck, if you have long legs like me.. Lol..show it off and that doesn't necessarily mean the shortest skirt. If you are a plus size, wear clothes that show your waistline. it tends to be the smallest part, so use a belt or a wear a dress with a waistband.Black is sexy but colour can be sexier. Colours that work well on dark skinned are purple, olive green.Skinny jeans aren't for everyone. Do not think by pilling on, you are hiding it. Biggest mistake

9) What are your favourite beauty/make up products that you just can't live without?

I love my blusher raisin from MAC and my YSL mascara.I also can never leave home without Vaseline. For my lips and if I haven't got any makeup in my bag and I have to rush somewhere I apply it on my eyelids. I actually don't know if that does anything but it makes me feel better and prettier.

Thanks so much Tope that was great….
For more info check out the group page on facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=862460178&ref=ts#/group.php?gid=120349457343 or you can email Tope at topeabiola@gmail.com

So ladies hope to see you all at the next event. Just don’t start a fight with me over a dress we both love.



Dee said...

Went for this event and you are right, it was amazing and fun. So can not wait for the next dose. Lovely interview, well done Tope, great event.

Enitan said...

Get there early to get the best items

Nike said...

I have seen a few things on fb on this event...I will definitely be there on the 30th.

Anonymous said...

she is such a good stylist...she listend to what i wanted,paying partucular importance to my shape style skin tone and what makes me comfortable. then she sketched a couple of dresses for me to choose from. she has amazing customer service.

i cant wait to wear my dress this weekend. i am too excited!!

Tolulope said...

Anonymous said...
she is such a good stylist...she listend to what i wanted,paying partucular importance to my shape style skin tone and what makes me comfortable. then she sketched a couple of dresses for me to choose from. she has amazing customer service.

i cant wait to wear my dress this weekend. i am too excited!!

Unknown said...

sad I missed it :(

Anonymous said...

Nice event...bring on the 30th of August!

Anonymous said...

lol.... i am sure madam frock and rock is the one leaving all d comments about how fab d evnt was... heard it was crap.... she shd have just combined with lpm in los.......

TOPE said...

Thanks to all the fab comments...

The next one is on the 30th of this month...hope to see you there.We will be offering more than clothes this time.. hair, jewellery,lingerie...see ya

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