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August 12, 2009

#22 Anti-tan gel for darker skin - Uzuri Natural Beauty

There are certain products which on arriving through my door literally leave me buzzing with excitement. And Uzuri Anti – Tan Gel is one of them! Finally a sun protector specifically formulated for my skin type, which addresses the needs of many women of colour to maintain their natural skin tone and not go darker during the summer months.

New to the market, Uzuri natural beauty is an anti tan lotion, which has been developed with a high SP factor (SPF 40) for the darker skin types (Asian, Afro Caribbean, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern) to specifically help prevent tanning. It also protects against the harmful effects of the sun and premature skin ageing with high UVA (3 stars) and UVB protection.

It’s the brainchild of two sisters Tazeen Usmani an orthodontist and Naila Usmani a consultant dermatologist who got together to develop the product after failing to find a suitable alternative on the market. Tazeen explained that "Having an Asian skin I naturally didn't want to go any darker in the sun and tried for years to find a sun block that didn't leave an unsightly white residue on the skin"

On trying out the product I found that it was easy to apply and absorbed very quickly without me needing to rub it in. I love the fact that it’s a high SP factor of 40 but in contrast to other high factors on the market, it is a completely clear gel so it didn’t leave that horrible white residue on my skin.

It retails at £11.99 and is available to buy on the website. As if the product itself wasn’t enough, until the end of August there is an offer on their site for you to buy one and get the second half price. For further information check out their website www.uzuriskin.com


Anonymous said...

I have to buy this, my skin is discoloured from the sun, I refuse to use any bleaching creams.

Thank you

Funmi S. said...

No to the anti-gel tan!! I love nothing better than going dark - let me re-phrase that - going BLACK in the sun!! Not that I'm a sun worshipper or anything, when I'm on holiday I love getting darker - it's a chance for my bodys' complexion to match my face (no chance of that in London)!!

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