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June 26, 2009

#6 Is it because I'm not a celebrity? - Facial at Linda Meredith

It was my first year’s wedding anniversary last month – woo hoo!!! I can’t believe how the time flew by and I have to admit to still feeling like a major novice in all things marital! But the two big things I have learnt are that you are both always on the same side (yes even when they try to convince you that you don’t need the lovely shoes you just saw on sale!) and what you get out of your marriage is what you put into it, so always make an effort. Anyway in the lead up to our anniversary I decided to be helpful and leave Mr Lotions & Potions various hints lying in obvious places around the house with certain key items circled, pages folded etc – and I thought it was going really well till we decided to go with the traditional theme of anniversary gifts and seeing as the first year is paper – I realised my circled gifts wouldn’t really work anymore. Thankfully the lovely Mr Lotions & Potions decided to surprise me so not only did I get my paper gift but he also got me one of my circled items which was to have a facial at Linda Meredith!!

Now Linda Meredith is known as a facialist to the stars – and boasts a client list that reads like ‘Who’s Who’ with names such as Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Moss as devotees of her facials. Her bespoke facials are often described as some of the finest ones around.

So introductions over – on the day of my facial – I dress with extreme care and skyscraper heels to rival some of the tallest buildings – I’m not ashamed to admit it, I was hoping to bump into some celebrity – please don’t ask me what I would have done if I had ……but alas there was no there in the waiting room when I arrived save for the numerous signed photographs on the wall from various a-list celebrities and my therapist who would be doing my facial. Now for those who are wondering, no it wasn’t Linda herself but one of her specially trained therapists whose skin by the way was so amazingly clear it was practically translucent plus it had the additional benefit of being all glowy and healthy! Wow I think, can I have whatever you just had.

My facial starts really well, with her explaining what she felt was going on with my skin and what specific products and tips would be helpful to turn my skin around but then it all went a bit sour!

While I’m lying there wrapped in my warm towels with something soothing on my closed eyelids, the door opens and a loud voice is heard telling her off for (a) having gone over my allocated facial time and (b) asking her how much longer she will be and urging her to speed it up. HOW RUDE! Obviously this meant that the rest of my facial was quite rushed and I felt completely sorry for my facialist and spent the rest of the time worrying about how much trouble she was in.

Now while I can understand that you have a business to run and need to reprimand staff if they are not able to work to timings, what I couldn’t understand was why this had to be done in the middle of my facial with me lying there (i.e. why couldn’t it wait until she finished with me or at the very least pull her out of the room and speak to her privately) and I couldn’t help but wonder and come to the conclusion that if I was someone who was deemed to be important, in other words a celebrity it wouldn’t have happened. I have to say it left me feeling slightly sad and overall the experience didn’t leave me feeling pampered or relaxed as it should have done. I was extremely disappointed....

On a positive note, my face was glowing when she finished and I felt like I had just been given a touch of what she had. Have a look at the website for facial and product details. www.lindameredith.com


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