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June 10, 2009

#3 Face Rash Attack

Aaarrrgh OMG! I woke up the other day to a face that looked like it had been hit with mountain sized bumps and huge pigmentation patches …ok fine, I’m exaggerating slightly but I do have a rather unsightly rash all over my face, tiny whiteheads combined with huge pigmentation patches (seriously I have gone a couple of shades darker) Now Mr Lotions and Potions is trying to calm me down by not looking horrified and saying 'no, no, no, you don’t look scary and your face definitely doesn’t look like lumpy porridge'… but seriously girlies it was bad and the worst thing was it was all my fault!

Yes girlies, my fault – I went to get my eyebrows threaded – nothing new here seeing as I have been doing it for years. Anyway afterwards I allowed them to apply rose water to in their words “cool it down” not something I normally do – usually I wait a few hours, apply some tea tree oil and I’m usually spot free on the area. Now this is where I really went for gold in causing my own rash, I was going out so I applied some makeup without waiting for my pores to close up. Needless to say the combination of the rose water they used and my makeup caused some kind of reaction – hence the rash breakout

So I leapt into action and did the worst things imaginable – I scrubbed, steamed, masked and applied copious amounts of makeup – all of which ensured my skin looked raw and an unattractive shade of grey – now in normal situations the above routine is fine but I was simply intensifying the problem and turning what was a bad rash in a colossus problem.

Finally I walked into my local pharmacy and in desperate, strangled tones said LOOK!!! to the poor pharmacist – to which she replied “oh dear you have had an allergic reaction to something haven’t you?” While I thought - really? You don’t say Sherlock!’ anyway she promptly put me on antihistamines while telling me off for (a) not coming there earlier and (b) for attacking my face with the routine described above.

I left there with strict instructions to leave my face well alone for a while – so yes I decided to be a lot more gentle – I went home and used Liz Earle’s award winning Cleanse & Polish Cleanser which is amazingly soothing and gentle, followed by some pharmacy bought witch hazel to dry out the rash and Liz Earle’s Skin Repair Moisturiser for normal skin and thankfully my face is back to normal – aside from the pigmentation patches which I will be targeting next.

So the moral of the story is always, always do a patch test with products especially if it’s your first time using them – they really are not joking when they say that, never ever apply anything onto open pores and if you think its a reaction head straight to the doctor or pharmacist.


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